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5 Things You Need To Know About Lizzie McGuire Before The Reboot

5 Things You Need To Know About Lizzie McGuire Before The Reboot

Jessie Bennett
5 Things You Need To Know About Lizzie McGuire Before The Reboot

This is what dreams are made of…Lizzie McGuire is getting a reboot!

Disney announced that they are rebooting the iconic show on their new new Disney+ streaming service. Hilary Duff is confirmed to return as Lizzie in the new show and it will show her life now that she’s older and living in NYC.

To say we are excited is an understatement. Lizzie McGuire played a big part in our lives growing up, so we’re super thrilled to see where Lizzie is at in her life now!

Hilary’s announcement that she’ll be back as Lizzie

Whilst you’ve probably seen, or at least heard of Lizzie McGuire, you may not know some of the interesting facts behind the Disney Channel show.

1.Hilary Duff Wasn’t The First Choice For The Role


Hilary Duff is the Lizzie we all know and love. However, she wasn’t always the front runner for the role. Stars like Lindsay Lohan and Sara Paxton were the preference for the role in the beginning.

PS. Once cast, producers worried about Hilary’s acting abilities and hired an acting coach!

2.Lizzie’s ‘Unique’ Style Was Inspired by Hilary Duff

Lizzie McGuire

It’s evident that Lizzie has a very unique and quirky style throughout the series. This was Hilary’s idea, she wore “all these crazy outfits to the auditions” in order to stand out from the crowd. And her efforts paid off!

3.There Almost Wasn’t An Animation Element


Lizzie is accompanied by a mini animated Lizzie throughout the series. (Think you and your Bitmoji, but the Bitmoji can talk…). The purpose of this animated Lizzie was to give us some insights into Lizzie’s thinking, which really made your empathise with Lizzie. BUT animated Lizzie nearly didn’t exist, a voiceover element was going to be used at first. We’re very glad they went with the animation, her sassy edge really makes the show.

It’s been confirmed that Animated Lizzie will also return of the re-boot. She’ll remain 13-years-old and say all of the things that Adult Lizzie is thinking. “That was really important for me to keep her at 13, because I think that’s what’s so endearing,” Hilary says.

4.There’s an Explanation for Miranda’s Random Disappearance


One of Lizzie’s BFF’s, Miranda, was notably absent from The Lizzie McGuire Movie. This absence was blamed on her going to Mexico with her family, however the real reason for Miranda’s absence was due to scheduling conflicts. Lalaine, who plays Miranda was busy with other commitments like filming You Wish! in New Zealand.

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5.There was a sequel in the works…

The plan was originally to move on to High School from Middle School with Lizzie and her friends. However, the plans did not go ahead as Hilary Duff and Disney supposedly failed to negotiate a salary. On the matter, Hilary’s mom told Entertainment Weekly ”We walked away from a sequel. They walked away from a franchise.


Hilary and Disney obviously figured something out, 15 years later.

Not only can we look forward to a Lizzie McGuire reboot BUT the original series and The Lizzie McGuire movie will also be available on Disney’s new streaming service.

Are you excited to see the Lizzie McGuire reboot?

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