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All The Reasons You Don’t Need To Be Afraid Of Wearing A Bikini This Summer

All The Reasons You Don’t Need To Be Afraid Of Wearing A Bikini This Summer

Róisín Lynch

Whether it’s the flood of perfect (edited!) bikini bodies all over our social media pages or the beauty standard that has been set so damn high, bikini anxiety is real!

If you have a collection of cute bikini’s that you are dying to show off this summer but are worried about what you will look like in them, this article is for you!

You are not alone, sadly so many young girls and women are shying away from wearing bikinis as they don’t feel like their body looks “good enough.”

If you want to wear bikini then you should!

And here’s some of the many reasons why you should flaunt what you got with confidence this summer!

Social media lies, not everyone looks like that in a bikini

Social media, we love it but it also affects us so much more than we realise. The beauty standard that has been set by celebrities, influencers and even just regular users is so sad. And it’s not one bit real! The images you see of people in bikinis on instagram or the likes, are almost always posed, taken from specific angles and you can almost always  guarantee that person hasn’t taken a breath for the duration of the picture being taken.

Yet, we use that as the example of what a “normal” body should look like. We pick ourselves a part in the mirror and think we are less because we don’t look like the images we see on our social media pages.

Next time you see a picture of someone in a bikini, reaffirm to yourself that the picture is staged and that that person, just like you and everyone else, has roles when they sit down, has cellulite and guess what, they have insecurities as well!

Social media distorts our body image because we believe it! A great way of overcoming this is reminding yourself when you see someone looking Victoria Secret runway worthy in a bikini that it is a picture that has been taken to show a best bit and it is not the whole picture.

As well, the person in the picture is probably tearing themselves apart in the mirror, the same way you are.

People are focusing on their own body, not yours

There is no woman, or even man for that matter, on this earth that has never felt insecure about their body. When you are with a group of people at the beach no one is looking at you the way you think they are. That is your mind tricking to you, don’t listen to it.

The people you are with are going to be more concerned with themselves rather than you. If the reason you are anxious about wearing a bikini is because you are afraid of people looking at you, remind yourself that they are looking at their own rather than yours.

Your friends like you for you, not how you look in a bikini

Just think about it for a minute, when you are at the beach or a swimming pool with your friends are you enjoying their company or picking apart their body? The former right. Your friends are there with you because they want to have fun, and want you to be a part of it. They are definitely not focusing on your body the way you are.

We see “flaws” that no one else does. Think of the times your friends have come to you and pointed out perceived flaws on their bodies that you can’t even see! The exact same is happening when you are shying away from wearing a bikini because of things you think others might notice about you. It is all in our heads.

Your friends are there because they love you and couldn’t care less about what your body looks like!

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Don’t waste your young years being insecure

We are all familiar with the concept of looking back on pictures where we thought we didn’t look good or told ourselves we were fat and being completely shocked because we looked fine!

That is what is happening in the present. It is all in your mind. When you are 80 and looking back at your life how do you think you would feel about not wearing that really cute bikini because you were scared of other opinions? Or not going to the beach and having a good time with your friends all because you were insecure about how you looked? You would probably feel a little sad. Don’t let that happen. Your body is perfect, just the way it is!

Life is short, if you want to wear a bikini, wear a bikini. Go have fun with your friends, because nobody is picking your body apart the way you are.

Of course if you rather wear a swim suit because you prefer that, then go for it! As long as you are doing what makes you feel best and not basing your decisions off insecurities:)

May this be the summer you turn a blind eye to beauty standards set by social media and live your best life!

Need some help with confidence? Here’s 10 tricks to boost your body confidence to give you a good start!

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