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Different Ways To Remove Makeup

Different Ways To Remove Makeup

Róisín Lynch

From Micellar water to double cleansing the ways of removing makeup are endless.

It can overwhelming when every single one of your friends has a different makeup removal method. Couple that with so many stories about what is good and bad for your skin it is so hard to know which makeup removal method to opt for.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Here are some of the different ways you can remove your makeup and the pros and cons to each!

Make up wipes

A nifty little way of removing makeup! Makeup wipes come in so many different forms so it is really easy to find one ideal for your skin type. What’s even better is that a lot of makeup wipes are biodegradable now a days so you don’t have to feel bad about having a negative impact on the environment while using them!

Tip: Pre cleanse with micellar water first as makeup wipes don’t always clear all the makeup and residue off your face.

Micellar water

Micellar water is a water based makeup removing tool that originates from France. In a few swipes it will leave your face makeup free! It is made up of micelles which are basically tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules. The molecules work by pulling out impurities and removing your makeup.

It’s a bit of a makeup removing super power as it hydrates your skin as well as removing your makeup!

Follow up by using your favourite cleanser to ensure all your makeup is properly removed and your skin is cleaned properly!

Cleansing oil

You might be worried about using oil on your skin if you are wearing of breakouts but cleansing oil is actual a very effective makeup removing method! It  breaks down your makeup and throughly removes any residue.

Use as part of a double cleansing routine to ensure your makeup is removed effectively! Double cleansing refers to using a makeup removal product such as cleansing oil and following it up with your favourite cleanser to ensure your skin is left squeaky clean!

Cleansing balm

For all the dry skin babes out there! Cleansing balm is perfect for anyone whose skin is a little dehydrated. Cleansing balms work in the same way as all other types of makeup cleansing products out there, they just come in the form of a balm!

They usually work to soothe your skin while also removing your makeup!

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As with all the other makeup removal methods mentioned above, use in conjunction with your usual skin care routine for the ultimate makeup free, clean skin!

So, there you have it, you are one step closer to #skingoals with these makeup removal products. Choose a product  that best suits your skin and lifestyle! No two people will opt for the same makeup removal products!


Do you have a favourite makeup removing product?

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