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Everything You Need To Know About ‘The Baby-Sitters’ Club Reboot

Everything You Need To Know About ‘The Baby-Sitters’ Club Reboot

Neasa Murphy

Are you excited for the Netflix reboot of The Baby-Sitters Club? Reboots are often the cause of heated debate- some viewers love an old story re-told; others just want something new. Well, here at, we are very excited for this series to drop.
The Baby-Sitters Club, as we know it from Ann M. Martin’s series of novels, is all about growing up, friendship, and handling life’s ups and downs. Previous screen adaptations of the novel include a TV series shown on Nickelodeon and HBO in the 1990s, and the 1995 film The Baby-Sitters Club. The movie followed the girls through an eventful summer of boy problems, teamwork, and of course, running a successful baby-sitting business at thirteen years old. So, do we want more of that? Yes, please!
Here’s everything you need to know about the reboot…

Ann M. Martin has helped produce the series

With the author of the original series Ann M. Martin involved, we can be sure that this re-telling won’t stray too far from its roots. From the hints the trailers have given us, it looks like our Baby-Sitters Club members, Kristy, Mary Ann, Claudia, Stacey and Dawn, will be similar to the characters we know from the novels. Here’s hoping we see some fun outfits from Claudia (the artsy/fashionable one).

This is not a return to the 90s- it’s a new series, for a new generation

Reboots are sometimes criticised for lacking creativity and relying too much on nostalgia. Well, this reboot has been updated accordingly, with a new modern setting for the club. However, we are going to get a little nostalgia (no complaints here) with a few clever references to the previous series. In the trailer, we see the girls dig up an old 90s-style phone to use for the club. Being part of Gen Z, they question whether the old phone will even function, but function it does, and we are buzzing to see them use it!

You might recognise a cast member or two

Alicia Silverstone (a.k.a. Cher from Clueless) is joining the cast as Kristy’s mom, Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer. If you like a bit of nostalgia, you just about have time to squeeze in a viewing of Clueless before you watch her in this new, grown-up role.
You may also recognise Momona Tamada (who’s playing Claudia), from her brief appearance in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before: P.S. I Still Live You as young Lara Jean.

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Excited yet? We are!

The Baby-Sitters Club will be available on Netflix from this Friday 3rd of June. If you can’t wait until then, check out the trailer below. See you at the next meeting!

Are you excited for “The Baby-Sitters Club” reboot?

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