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FACT OR FICTION: Clarifying The Claims Being Made About COVID-19

FACT OR FICTION: Clarifying The Claims Being Made About COVID-19

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With the coronavirus taking over every news outlet and social media platform at the moment, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to differentiate fact from fiction.
At we understand how important it is to be able to have news that you can rely on, so we have six COVID-19 fact or fiction stories explained. For the best up-to-date information we recommend that you check out

Claim: The coronavirus doesn’t affect younger people

Fact: Covid-19 is a highly contagious illness. The extent to which people are affected by the disease differs, but cases have been reported in all age groups. So, it is important that everyone abides by the government’s measures.

Claim: It will come back every year

Fact: There is still a huge amount that is unknown about Covid-19 but scientists believe it is possible that it may return each year like a seasonal flu. Don’t panic! That is not to say that we will face this situation every year, but it is hoped that a vaccine and treatment will be available to control it in future if it does return.

Claim: Masks are essential

Fact: If you are healthy and abiding to the government’s measures then there is no need for you to wear a mask. Unless you are displaying symptoms, it is best to save the masks for those who really need them like frontline health care workers and emergency responders.

Claim: Holding your breath for fifteen seconds is an accurate test

Fact: A widely circulated message claimed that if you could hold your breath for fifteen seconds without spluttering it meant that you didn’t have the coronavirus. It is true that the coronavirus may affect your lungs and is often accompanied by a cough, however, this is not an accurate test. If you truly believe you have the coronavirus then you must take the steps advised by the HSE.

Claim: Once the weather changes the coronavirus will vanish

Fact: Various media outlets have reported that once higher temperatures arrive the virus will be killed off. New research suggests that it might slow the spread but changes in temperatures are not guarantees we can rely on to resolve this crisis. It is much more likely to be the hard work of scientists and medical professionals that create a cure.

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Claim: Hot baths and garlic can kill off Covid-19

Fact: The coronavirus is not a vampire! Rumours spread across social media that hot baths and garlic are adequate means of protection against Covid-19. Aside from giving you bad breath, the garlic is no good I’m afraid. A hot bath may not protect you against the coronavirus, but if the current crisis is leaving you stressed it could offer you some much needed relaxation time.

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