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The Dos And Don’ts of Finding A Date For The Debs

The Dos And Don’ts of Finding A Date For The Debs

Alannah Murray

“You mean I need to ask someone to come with me?!” 

Yes, it’s almost debs season and that means there is a job to be ticked off the to do list; ask someone to the debs.

First things first don’t panic. Everyone gets a little nervous asking someone on a date, it’s understandable. For those in relationships it’s easy to do, but for those not here are some dos and don’ts when it comes to finding a date for the debs…



  1. Try to ask them in person. More awkward I know, but it shows balls and courage. 
  2. Actually ask them to go with you. It’s easy to say ‘Come to my debs’ but don’t assume. Ask nicely. 
  3. Bring it into conversation naturally, so they kinda know where the conversation is going 
  4. Give them the date and time. Ask in advance to make sure that you give them time to get ready. 
  5. CONFIRM. Don’t forget to make sure they’re coming. Asking once and forgetting about it until the week before can end in disaster.  


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  1. Ask last minute. You’ll end up with a “no” just because they are too busy to go. 
  2. Be afraid to ask someone you like. The debs can be a romantic or completely friendly affair. It’s up to you. 
  3. Be worried about bringing a friend as a date. It’s really not a problem and a totally normal thing to do. Also, you won’t see a lot of your classmates ever again, so YOLO!
  4. Bring someone who you don’t really know. A last minute friend of a friend can end up ruining your night because you don’t gel. 
  5. Choose someone because people say you should go together. That won’t end well. 
  6. Be tempted to not go if you can’t find anyone to go with. No one really cares and everyone will be so wrapped up in themselves to care that you’re flying solo. We guarantee that there will be more than one person there regretting their choice of date and will envy you and your confidence!

Have you any tip for finding a date for the debs?

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