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Six Reasons To Take Up Reading As A Hobby

Six Reasons To Take Up Reading As A Hobby

Anna Powell

Looking for a new hobby this summer? Then look no further. Reading is the hobby for you! Below are six reasons as to why you should pick up a book today and decide that reading is your new hobby.

It Is Enjoyable

I would strongly argue that reading may be one of the most enjoyable hobbies to have in life. With so many genres, it is a hobby that has the possibility of interesting everyone. Books can be so enjoyable as they allow to you to interpret the story in your own unique way.

It is also such a pleasant hobby to have during the summer months as you can easily entertain yourself with a book as you relax outdoors instead of trying to squint at a phone screen that cannot be seen in the sun. You also have the opportunity to enjoy listening to audiobooks on your summer walks.

You Can Learn Something New

Reading allows you to learn something new in a passive and relaxed manner. It is not like reading a school book where you are solely fixated on absorbing and memorising material. No, reading as a hobby allows you to pick topics that genuinely hold your interest. It allows you to absorb material easily as your are solely focused on what information of interest the book has to offer you.

It’s An Opportunity To Disconnect From Your Phone

Reading allows you to disconnect from your phone without the repercussion of feeling bored. Usually when people try to disconnect from their phone they find it a great struggle. They struggle as they don’t know what else to do with their time. Even when people settle down to watch their favourite tv show or movie, most people still find themselves constantly glancing at their phones as the show continues to play.

Reading doesn’t allow you to behave in this way as you have to continue reading in order to find out what happens next in the story. It doesn’t allow you to multitask but instead requires all of your attention.

It Helps You To Recharge

I believe reading is a great way to rest and recharge. Unlike your phone, it doesn’t make your brain wired with  flashing colours and harsh lights that are usually emitted from your screen. It also allows you to completely turn yourself off from the outside world as you completely absorb yourself in the story.

Similar to my above point, reading requires your full attention which helps you to completely relax by distracting you from things that may be going on in your life. Books allow you to escape into another world entirely.

It Enables You To Expand Your Vocabulary

Without even noticing it, you vocabulary drastically expands the more your read. It is such an easy and enjoyable way to improve your english and your writing abilities. The best thing about is that you don’t feel like you are doing any strenuous work to improve your understanding of different words. It just happens organically in the background. I would highly recommend talking up reading as a hobby if you are heading into an exam year in school or are considering pursuing a career that involves English.

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It Is Very Affordable

A great thing about reading is that it is a highly affordable hobby. It is very easy to buy cheap books  from a second hand store or even to organise book swaps with your friends who enjoy  similar genres. You can also buy ebooks online for very affordable prices. Most online books range between one to two euros.

You can easily buy books from the “Books” app on apple devices or on the “Google Play Bookstore” on Android. The Kindle app is also a really easy and affordable way to buy ebooks. Not only can books be bought cheaply online, but they can also be accessed for free through your local library. Most local libraries also have an app called “Borrowbox” which allows you to access ebooks and audiobooks online for no extra cost.

So there you have it, six reasons as to why reading is a great hobby. Do you think you will give it a try?

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