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Stay On Trend With Your Makeup! The Top Makeup Trends Of 2021

Stay On Trend With Your Makeup! The Top Makeup Trends Of 2021

Róisín Lynch

Makeup trends, the are ever changing.

For the past five years we have seen HD brows, Smokey eyes and bold falsies! And it looked killer!

After a year of Zoom calls and lack of social events, however, the way people are wearing their makeup has changed. It looks as though minimal makeup is going to be the trend of 2021.

We are loving this minimal make-up theme, it is always a good idea to let your natural beauty shine through! Makeup trends of 2021 are all about enhancing your natural beauty, soft colours and neutral tones.

Stay on trend with your makeup by getting on board with some of the newest makeup trends of 2021.

Dewy Skin

Dewy skin has been one of the first makeup trends to take 2021 by storm. As we mentioned the theme of 2021 is all things natural. Showing off a nice dewy skin is very in right now. The idea behind a dewy skin makeup look is it is a half way point between natural skin and makeup. Perfect for those zoom calls and days at home!

The key to the ultimate dewy skin look is mixing your makeup with your skincare.

We love these products to help you create a dewy skin look, Get ready to glow!

Mix an illuminating primer with moisturiser.  The L’Oreal Glow Cherie Natural Glow Enhancer Lotion mixed with your favourite moisturiser will give you the ultimate dewy skin concoction.

This will give you the slightest hint of coverage making you glow from the inside out! Plus the moisturiser will keep you moisturised! No losers, only winners in 2021!

Soap Brows

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A great new brow look has landed in 2021. Say hello to soap brows! Soap brows have been increasing in popularity for the past few years but have become very trendy in 2021. Soap is used to hold your brows in shape, all while giving you statement brows.

To create the look all you will is:

To find out how to create this look perfectly, read our article on How To Do Soap Brows! 

Minimal Foundation

Minimal foundation is the look of 2021. In keeping with the natural look, using less dark and heavy foundation is recommended. Opt for a foundation no more than 1 to 2 shades darker than your natural skin tone.

CC creams are a great way of achieving this minimal foundation look. CC creams offer a similar type of coverage to foundation, but they are lighter weight and less pigmented. This is not only kinder to your skin but ideal for summer makeup.

It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream is perfect for achieving this minimal foundation look.

Rosy Cheeks

Blush is back! I mean how cute are rosy cheeks? The perfect compliment to a natural makeup look is a little bit of blush. Place a little bit of blush on your cheeks to finish off your natural makeup look.

We love  Milani Baked Blush and Rimmel London’s Maxi Blusher Blush 

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Nude Nails

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Nude nails are very in right now. People are opting for neutral colours for their nails. Shades such as beige, stone, and  cream are being seen a lot at the minute. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun by adding in a design. People are adding a twist to their nude nails by adding swirls of white and pastels so nude doesn’t have to be boring!

Bye-bye eyeliner!

Not forever, but for now. Eyeliner is being worn less in 2021 by the looks of it. Top eyeliner is still around, don’t panic! When it comes to lower liner however, people are giving that step a miss. If you really don’t want to part ways but want to stay on trend, try using a neutral colour eyeliner such as a brown eyeliner. Brown eyeliners add great definition to your eyes.

Pop Of Colour Eyeshadow

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While the natural look is very much in right now. In contrast to this and to keep things interesting, coloured eyeshadow is being used more and more often at the minute. Particularly pastels. There doesn’t seem to be any particular eyeshadow trend such as smokey eyeshadow that was popular in 2016. People are getting creative with how they incorporate colour in to their eye make up.

Get your hands on some of these pastel eyeshadows, such as the Sleek CTRL ALT CREATE pastel bundle and have a bit of fun when doing your eye make up!

What do you think of these latest makeup trends? 

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