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The Stigma Around Being A Quiet Person

The Stigma Around Being A Quiet Person

Ella Morley

There is often a lot of stigma and negative assumptions around being a quiet person.

Sometimes it seems that being quiet is a negative thing. Trends come and go but the current climate gives a greater credibility to people who are loud and outgoing. And a number of assumptions are made of you if you possess a quieter personality.

Here’s a few assumptions that can be falsely made about people who are deemed quiet…

They are cold

Many people assume that quiet people are cold but this is not the case.

Just because they are not the life of the party or engaging with everyone they see, does not mean quiet people are rude and lacking emotion. Going out of the way to converse with someone they do not know that well can be a daunting experience and often they avoid this.

However, this does not mean they are ignoring you or dislike you. It just means they are more comfortable with people they are familiar with. People tend to take this to heart and begin to assume the quiet person is just cold.

They are not interested

Just because a quiet person does not contribute to a conversation does not mean they are not listening. Often in fact, they can be very interested in what is happening all around them but feel uncomfortable speaking or do not have an opinion on the topic being discussed e.g. whether chicken or pizza should be ordered.

Other times they are perfectly content with what is being said and agree with everyone and so feel it is unnecessary to interject as they have nothing else to add. Many think that their lack of talking means they are just not interested. However, it can often be the other way around.

They are bored

A lot of people tend to think quiet people are just bored. No, they are not!!! It is high time we changed this assumption. They are grateful to be invited even if they pass on the event and just because they spend time by themselves does not mean they are lonely even when they are at a party.

People often assume that because a person has not surrounded themselves with people that they must be bored. This however is usually not the case and society has no right to assume otherwise!

They are judgemental

People take the silence of another person to mean that that person is judgemental. There are a hundred other reasons why quiet people are the way they are and this is usually not even close to among them. This is quite a narrow-minded observation and to think this is quite judgemental in itself. They do not dislike certain individuals and unless they say they so to your face it is not fair for people to draw this conclusion.

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They are arrogant

They do not talk all the time so they must be arrogant right? Wrong. Quiet people do not think they are superior or better than everyone in the room. It just does not make sense why people determine this all because someone is being quiet. They have not even said a thing to make anyone think this way, yet society jumps to the conclusion that quiet people are arrogant.

There is so much unnecessary stigma around this that quiet people often feel guilty for being themselves, despite the fact that they have done nothing wrong.

There’s nothing wrong with being quiet, shy or reserved. So, if that’s you, don’t feel bad for being who you are.

If you’re a more outgoing person, make a bit more time for the quieter people in your life, they will truly appreciate it and you might just make a really great friend.

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