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The Ultimate Gift Guide For Teens

The Ultimate Gift Guide For Teens

Team Missy

As the holiday season approaches, finding the perfect gifts for teenagers can be both exciting and challenging. Whether it’s navigating the ever-evolving trends or understanding their unique preferences, selecting presents that resonate with today’s teens can feel like an elusive task.

Fear not! Our comprehensive gift guide curated specifically for the modern adolescent is here to ease your shopping woes. From tech gadgets that keep them connected to trendy fashion statements and thoughtfully crafted experiences, dive into’s Ultimate Gift Guide for Teens to discover the ideal presents that will light up their holiday season and beyond.

Our top picks

The Stanley Quencher is *the* status symbol for 2023, do not ask any questions. Just buy it. Stock levels can be unpredictable; if you spot one, nab it.

It can be hard to justify the cost of Apple Earpods in comparison to cheaper alternatives, but they really are superior. The sound out of these tiny buds is very impressive. They also slot in well to the ecosystem of apple products. If you know a teen already on the Apple train, these will be greatly appreciated.

What may seem silly to you, is now one of the must-have items on SkinTok (thats the skincare side of TikTok to you) These cuffs stop water and product from running down your arms during your skincare routine. Seriously, any skincare buff is going to love them.

The queen of teen is without a doubt Olivia Rodrigo. The vinyl recording of her latest album will make any teen happy.

An extra-long phone charger is a must for all the texting and TikTok scrolling a teen does.

The must-have phone accessory.

The Adidas Samba are officially *the* trainers to have in 2023.

Any vinyl recording of Taylor Swift is going a make the Swift in your life very happy.

Everyone wants to be a TikToker these days and a ring long is an essential item for all budding content creators.

When in doubt, a makeup bag is always going to get great use.

Everyone wants this eyeshadow, trust us.

It may look slightly ugly, but everyone has this bag and wants it in more colours.

Perfume can be a hard one to buy for people because it’s such a personally choice, but this one from Glossier is a cult favourite as it has magically properties that adjust to everyone – genuinely, we’re not making that up!

The perfect present for those who like mindfullness and are creative.

The gift that every teen wants in 2023? Unfortunately for your bank balance it’s the AirPods Max. Yes, they are extortionate. But gifting them will ensure eternal love from the teen in your life.

Give the gift of a mini cinema experience at home with a projector.

Believe us when we say, every teen is obsessed with Sol de Janeiro. It comes in three main scents, but they’re all super popular. This “try me” kit is an ideal gift.

The backpack that every Gen Zer wants.

So many of us are guilty of snapping a million pictures on our phones, but we never get them printed. Enter the Fuji Instax Mini Link Printer which allows you to print pictures from your smart phone.

The Dyson is still the most popular hair tool with teens, but this is a great budget alternative to get that blowout look.

Readings is officially the past time to be partaking in, it’s like a sport. A Kindle will get a lot of love from the bookie in your life.

THOMAS SABO have such a section of gifts for teens that they will be able to keep for years and have sentimental memories. The Charms are great when on a budget, and are something that you can keep adding to for Birthdays and future Christmases. The “As We Dream Collection” really draws on all thing beloved by Gen Z.

The gift that every teen wants in 2023? Unfortunately for your bank balance it’s the STILL the Dyson Airwrap. Yes, they are extortionate. But gifting them will ensure eternal love from the teen in your life. See above for our budget recommendation.

Most schools now require a reusable water bottle and you’re not going to get cuter than this one. Bonus is that it’s from an Irish company.

See Also

If the Dyson is out of your budget, add these to your Christmas shopping list. It may seem a bit naff, but these heatless curls are HUGE on TikTok.

Everyone likes a cozy and cute blanket!

Puzzles are officially cool (and a great way to unwind!) This one is particularly fun!

Not as expensive as the Dyson, but still coveted.

Yes, it’s just a lip balm but its the best lip balm ever, okay?

The youths love this brand

Another great Irish company, this is a must for all handbags and sport bags.

It has Harry Styles on it…do you need any more reason to buy it for the Harry lover in your life?

As we wrap up our journey through the Ultimate Gift Guide for Teens, it’s evident that the perfect present for a teenager extends beyond the physical item itself. It’s about understanding their interests, passions, and the ever-evolving landscape of teenage trends. Whether it’s fostering their creativity, supporting their tech-savvy pursuits, or simply offering a heartfelt experience, the joy of gift-giving lies in the thoughtful connection between the giver and the receiver.

Remember, the most meaningful gift is often the one that reflects their individuality and reminds them of the care and love you share. Happy gifting!

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