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6 Reasons Why Being A Feminist Is A Good Thing

6 Reasons Why Being A Feminist Is A Good Thing

Alannah Murray

Feminism by definition, is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. So, prior to what you may think, this article is for women and men, just like feminism is.

I’ve had my own personal experiences where people have had ill-conceived notions of what feminism means. Once a friend told me that I “shouldn’t be a feminist because boys wouldn’t find me attractive”. And time I heard one of my male friends say “Man, you can’t be feminist; that’s only for girls”.

But here are the reasons that being a feminist is a good thing, no matter your gender.

1. You are not a one-image feminist. 

Yes, you can wear makeup. You can still smile. Yes, you can still wear pink! And yes, you can think and speak about other things other than feminism. There are loads of misconceptions of what being a feminist means, so it’s understandable some people have trouble with admitting they are feminists. But these stereotypes do not have to apply to you by wanting equal rights. So, makeup and smiles for all.

2. Saying you’re a feminist, is not saying you hate men. 

There is a stigma out there, that if you are feminist you automatically hate men. Now I’m highly doubting that the male feminists wake up each morning proclaiming to the world that they hate themselves. Or that the female feminists go around chanting that they hate all men in their lives. We would actually be contradicting ourselves, as feminists to say that they hate men. I mean it would be pretty difficult to get equal rights between genders, if we actually hated one of the genders. Just sayin’!

3. Feminists aren’t crazed cat ladies moaning about man-sized tissues. 

These days there are so many prejudices about what feminist look like. People try to belittle the movement for equality by painting a negative, archaic stereotypes in our minds about crazy women complaining about men all the time. A feminist is a person, man or woman, who believes and will fight for equality. Simple as that. 

4. Wanting equal rights is actually the most attractive thing you can do. 

Girls, wanting to have equal chances, jobs and rights, IS attractive. Having ambitions in life, having goals for yourself and wanting to go just as far as your male friends is amazingly attractive. Anyone who says otherwise needs to realise that they are about 100 years behind the new world and also probably need some guidance from you to get a bit of cop on.

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5. The equal rights works on both sides. 

Boys, saying that you want equal rights for both genders does not make you less of a man. Anyone who says otherwise is again probably stuck in the last century and just needs to be caught up on the last few years. Feminism is not just for girls in any way, shape or form. Saying you are a feminist makes you very attractive to a lot of us. 

6. Being a feminist makes sense on so many levels. 

There are endless amounts of problems in the world. Problems that affect everyone. Too many to mention. But how are we planning on fixing them if only half the population are invited to participate? Feminism will actually speed along the development in the world because we will have more minds to the problems. That’s just logical sense. 

The moral of the story is that we should all be feminists and aspire to be badass women!

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