How To Give Back This Christmas

Christmastime is arguably the “most wonderful time of the year”, but for some it can be a real struggle. So this Christmas why not team up with a sibling, parent, friend or your classmates and devise a plan to give back this Christmas?

We at Missy are big believers in giving back, and have some suggestions when it comes to how you too can give back this Christmas!

ICHH – Fill A LUAS Event

Inner City Helping Homeless (ICHH) was established in 2013 and works with the homeless community in Dublin’s inner city. Their LUAS event involves filling up a LUAS with shoeboxes filled with items the homeless community may find useful throughout the Winter months. This includes:

  • Thermal wear
  • hat
  • gloves
  • scarf
  • socks
  • torch
  • sweets/biscuits
  • Christmas card

If you’re not in Dublin, or can’t make it up to donate a box by Friday the 13th of December, check with your local homeless charity to see if they have an event like the ICHH’s. If not, perhaps get together with your school or college and start your own!

Donate To Women’s Aid & Women’s Refuges

Contact your local Women’s refuge or Women’s Aid and ask if there is anything you can donate over the festive period. Women’s refuges often put up notices asking for donations for sanitary towels, hygiene products, nappies, baby wipes etc. Around Christmas time they may appreciate a donation of toys for children staying in their facilities over the festive period.

Temple Street’s Christmas Cards

The Temple Street Foundation have launched Christmas Cards as part of their money raising this year. “The funds raised from Temple Street’s Christmas Cards will be put to use in our hospital where they are needed most – helping to purchase life-saving equipment, and funding vital medical research, so we can save more little lives.” You can purchase the cards from Tesco stores, or online here

Pet Connection – Cats & Dogs Shoebox Appeal


We can’t forget our furry friends this Christmas, Pet Connection are working with Street Paws this year. Street Paws are an organisation that help homeless pet owners. You can check out their donation wish list here.

Are there any other ways to give back this Christmas? If you have any ideas let us know in the comments below and we can share them.

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