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Debs Disasters Diverted

Debs Disasters Diverted

Team Missy

You’ve planned and planned and planned, but it’s always at the last-minute that a Debs Disaster occurs. Why?

The best thing to do is to try move on from the disaster as quickly as possible, or else you’re in danger of allowing it to ruin your whole Debs. Here’s how to cope with some of the most common Debs dilemmas…


Debs Disasters 1: You Have No Date!

Problem 1: You asked your BF ages ago, but now things are all over and you have a problem on your hands.

Problem 2: You have no one who you can actually ask to the Debs.

Okay, we have the same solution for both. Firstly, think about someone who you would actually like to spend some time with. Don’t just ask someone for the sake of it, only to have a crappy night as a result. Do you have a friend who just happens to be a boy who you can ask? Or maybe a gal pal who isn’t in the same year or who goes to a different school? Or a family friend? Try not to stress out too much about it, no one will care who you bring. And we guarantee you that a lot of people will end up regretting their Debs date at some point – nothing worse than digging those photos out in years to come! So you can feel a tiny bit smug about that! Or jut go on your own! You’re a modern 21st centry gal, you don’t need a date!!

Still stumped? Check out our guide to finding a Debs date!


Debs Disasters 2: Someone Is Wearing The Same Dress As You!

It’s kinda weird that we make this into a be all, end all issue when we all buy the same stuff out of Penneys the rest of the time. Yes, it can be slightly annoying to rock up to your Debs only to see another girl wearing the same dress, but just roll with it. Don’t be tempted to make snide comments to friends comparing yourself or worse, picking her apart. The best thing to do is to make light of it situation. Try to nab the girl when she’s on her own and tell her that she looks fab in the dress and ask for a photo together. If everyone else sees that you’re not bothered about it they won’t be inclined to think anything of it – and chances are they probably didn’t notice anyway.


Debs Disasters 3: Your Dress Rips!

Your dress ripping is the stuff of nightmare; but look, it happens!

If it’s later in the night and it’s not too bad – forget about it! Seriously. You won’t be the only one. All it takes is a bit of a sense of humour and a bit of dancing to move on.

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If it’s something that could do with a bit of DIY fixing, head to the reception desk and ask if they have anything – pins, clips, sellotape, a scarf to drape over the dress…take anything! Again a sense of humour is needed, so that something that will become a funny story in the years to come doesn’t ruin your enjoyment in the moment.


Debs Disasters 4: Your Appointment Got Canceled!

It’s really is the worst being let down on such a big day and when you probably made the appointment far in advance, but try to calm down. There’s also no point throwing it all across social media for others to eat up the drama. Calmly ring around and see if there are any appointments in other salons. Yes, it’s probably a busy day, but people cancel all the time – so you might be lucky! Also ask around and see if your friends or family might be able to recommend someone who works independently. If the worst comes to the worst, do your own hair and makeup. We’re sure that you have insane skills anyway. Just give yourself lots of time.


Debs Disaster 5: You Don’t Want To Go To The Debs!

We get it: the Debs is stress central and it’s not for everyone. It can also be exhausting to listen to the hype and the plans for months and months before the big night even rolls around. The Debs can also be intimidating if you’re shy, can’t find a date or are struggling with the cost. We recommend going anyway and doing things on your terms. If you hate it, leave. It’s better to give something a go instead of possibly regretting it and wondering what if.

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