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Lockdown Part 2: What Will We Be Watching This Time?

Lockdown Part 2: What Will We Be Watching This Time?

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Ireland re-entering lockdown to combat the spread of COVID-19 is a most unwelcome development. It needs to be done to keep everyone safe, but it’s still tough.

The only small upside to the new lockdown is that we officially have an excuse to spend hours and hours watching Netflix again  – not that we need the excuse.

Lockdown 1 was dominated by a little show you might have heard of called Tiger King. But what will be be watching this time around?

We took a look at some on Netflix’s releases over the next 6 weeks to pick out the ones we think most people will be talking about. Be warned, there’s a lot of Christmas cheesiness, but we will take anything at this point!

Here’s what to watch in Lockdown 2…

The Queen’s Gambit

Based on the novel by Walter Tevis, the Netflix limited series drama THE QUEEN’S GAMBIT is a coming-of-age story that explores the true cost of genius. Abandoned and entrusted to a Kentucky orphanage in the late 1950s, a young Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy)  discovers an astonishing talent for chess while developing an addiction to tranquilizers provided by the state as a sedative for the children. Haunted by her personal demons and fueled by a cocktail of narcotics and obsession, Beth transforms into an impressively skilled and glamorous outcast while determined to conquer the traditional boundaries established in the male-dominated world of competitive chess.

On Netflix October 23.


Sloane (Emma Roberts) and Jackson (Luke Bracey) hate the holidays. They constantly find themselves single, sitting at the kids table, or stuck with awkward dates. But when these two strangers meet one particularly bad Christmas, they make a pact to be each other’s “holidate” for every festive occasion throughout the next year. With a mutual disdain for the holidays, and assuring themselves that they have no romantic interest in the other, they make the perfect team. However, as a year of absurd celebrations come to an end, Sloane and Jackson find that sharing everything they hate may just prove to be something they unexpectedly love.

On Netflix October 28.

Operation Christmas Drop

While gathering evidence to support closing a tropical U.S. Air Force base, a congressional aide warms to its generous captain.

On Netflix November 5.

Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares

This holiday, true love is only a dare away. Based on the New York Times bestseller “Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares” comes a new holiday romance.

On Netflix November 10.

The Crown – Season 4

See Also

As the 1970s are drawing to a close, Queen Elizabeth (Olivia Colman) and her family find themselves preoccupied with safeguarding the line of succession by securing an appropriate bride for Prince Charles (Josh O’Connor), who is still unmarried at 30. As the nation begins to feel the impact of divisive policies introduced by Britain’s first female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson), tensions arise between her and the Queen which only grow worse as Thatcher leads the country into the Falklands War, generating conflict within the Commonwealth.

While Charles’ romance with a young Lady Diana Spencer (Emma Corrin) provides a much-needed fairytale to unite the British people, behind closed doors, the Royal family is becoming increasingly divided.

Expect this to be very talked about when it airs. There is going to be a lot of talk about the late Princess Diana after it. If you haven’t already watched the first 3 seasons they are the perfect lockdown viewing.

On Netflix November 15.

Shawn Mendes: In Wonder

In Wonder follows Shawn Mendes’ journey toward self-discovery, after the physical and emotional demands of his rise, and his last world tour, pushed him towards a personal and musical reckoning. The documentary is a heartfelt look at a songwriter and performer wrestling with the pressures of stardom and the emotional tolls of coming-of-age while the world watches. Largely framed around his rise and recent tour, the film offers unprecedented access to Mendes’ private life both at home, and while traveling across North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia, and features years of footage as he rose from precocious troubadour to global superstar.

On Netflix November 23.

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