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5 Tips To Get The Best Debs Photos Imaginable!

With Debs season in full swing, we here at Missy have been looking into what makes a great photo! Posing for photos is a love/hate thing, some people are naturals and others need a bit of help! Let’s be honest, it’s all about the pose and making the most your angles… Follow these tips for fab Debs photos!

1. Smize

If you’re an America’s Next Top Model fan you’ll know all about “smizing”. For those of you who don’t know what we mean when we say smize, it’s time to channel your inner Tyra Banks! Smize = smiling with your eyes. Look in a mirror and smile, see how you kind of squint and the corners of your eyes go up? Now try replicate this even when your mouth isn’t in a smiling position. This helps to give your face a good shape. Your Debs photos will look bomb with this little trick!

2. Contour

Seeing as you’ll probably have no control over the lighting at your Debs venue, or at pre-debs events, contour your face to create false shadows. Contouring involves using darker tones to sculpt out your cheekbones, forehead, nose, and neckline. Use lighter tones in areas where light will naturally hit i.e. under your eyes, centre of forehead, bridge of your nose, and just above your jawline. Make sure you blend like crazy and set with powder for a natural look that stays put!

5 Tips To Get The Best Debs Photos!

3. Stand Up Straight

Good posture makes a photo! Stand up straight to accentuate your body, and show off your outfit in all it’s glory. Standing straight also gives you a confident look.

5 Tips To Get The Best Debs Photos!

4. Ditch The Awkward “Debs” Pose

You know the one… Your granny probably has a few of these photos hanging in her house of your cousins or older siblings. It really isn’t a great look and screams AWKWARD! You can be posing with your best friend in the whole world but somehow that dodgy hand holding pose will make you look like strangers forced into some kind of social experiment! If you’re getting a professional debs photo, let the photographer know that thats not the look you’re going for. Instead, take a more relaxed approach. Lean into your date at a 45 degree angle to accentuate your body, tilt your head down so your chin is slightly aimed to the floor (not too much or you’ll form a double chin in the photo), smile naturally, and hold hands in a natural way.

5 Tips To Get The Best Debs Photos!


5. Get Candid

Sometimes no matter how hard we pose or what makeup we wear, candid photos just look better. Ask your mam/dad/cousin to try get some candid snaps of you getting ready, or you and your date in the house before you leave. At the actual debs, see if you and a couple of friends can make a deal to snap a few candid shots on your phones throughout the night! You’ll be grateful for the natural shots in years to come!

Have you any tips for taking Debs photos?

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How To Pick A Debs Date: From Going Solo To Group Dates

Debs season can often cause a bit of panic when asked the question “so… who are you taking to the debs?” Our advice is first and foremost not to panic. We here at Missy have all the options you can take as your date for the night!

Go With… Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

If you have a significant other it’s probably best to ask them to the debs as your first option. Hurt feelings will only cause unnecessary drama. While your friends might want you to go with them, go with what you want and ask your significant other if you want to. It’s your night too, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice who you’d like to go with.

Go With… A Group Of Friends

How To Pick A Debs Date: From Going Solo To Group Dates

Don’t fret if you’re a single gal, the debs isn’t all about finding one person to go with. If you and a group of friends don’t want to bother with asking someone to the debs, go with one another! What sounds better than partying the night away with your besties?? If a group hang doesn’t pan out and you still need a date, why not ask one of your friends from another school to go?

Go With… Yourself

How To Pick A Debs Date: From Going Solo To Group Dates

Don’t be afraid to assert your independence and head to the debs solo. It’s 2018 after all, and why it may seem daunting going by yourself means you don’t have to worry about anyone else. You also save a few bob by not having to pay for your date’s ticket!

Go With… The Person You Like

How To Pick A Debs Date: From Going Solo To Group Dates

Your debs is probably the last time you’re going to be with your class. That means it may also be your last opportunity to bite the bullet and ask the person you’ve had a crush on since 1st year! Honesty is the best policy when it comes to asking someone out, so be open, clearly communicate what you’re looking for, and make lots of eye contact.

Go With… A Blind Date

How To Pick A Debs Date: From Going Solo To Group Dates

If you’re feeling a little adventurous ask a friend if they know anyone who might be a suitable debs date. Don’t go into it completely blind and maybe arrange to meet them a week or so in advance, just to ensure you’ll get on.

Does the idea of trying to find a debs date make you panic? Let us know in the comments below!

Find out more about our FREE Debs Guide now!

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Our Top 5 TV Shows With Badass Female Leads!

Badass. A tough, uncompromising, or intimidating person. We don’t know about you, but this could describe every woman we know…

So, why is it when it comes to TV and film, it can seem like guys get all the good “badass” parts? They’re the ones with the fight scenes, or the high flying jobs, or the cool one liners that border on cringe worthy (we’re looking at you CSI:Miami…). Yet some of the strongest people on this planet are women…

We here at Missy aren’t ok with this misrepresentation. So we have put together a list of 5 TV Shows that have badass women as their lead characters!

TV Shows With Badass Female Leads

1. How To Get Away With Murder

5 TV Shows With Badass Female Leads! How To Get Away With Murder

Meet Annalise Keating, the badass lawyer/lecturer who runs the show (quite literally!).

Annalise, along with 5 of her top law students, soon become tangled up in a murder plot. Written by Shonda Rhimes, How To Get Away With Murder will have you on a binge watching extravaganza! If you’re a fan of a flashback or few, you will love the alternation between past and present. The script is written in a way that you’re always left guessing, and even when you think you’ve cracked it; you’re probably very very wrong…

Not only is her character a badass, Viola Davies is an amazing badass actress, and absolutely shines in this role! Davies has received critical acclaim for her portrayal of Annalise becoming the first black woman to win an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series!

Watch If: You fancy yourself as a criminal defence attorney.

2. Grey’s Anatomy

5 TV Shows With Badass Female Leads! Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy centres around Meredith Grey a young doctor (already a badass) starting out in her career. We love Grey’s Anatomy because it pushes the boundaries when it comes to thinking about women in the medical field. You will often hear people automatically use “he” when speaking about a doctor. In presenting us with female characters who are just as capable of holding the title “doctor” as their male colleagues, Shonda Rhimes (the show’s creator), forces people to realise women are doctors too!

Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigl and Chandra Wilson star as badass doctors taking on the medical profession, kicking butt, and dealing with misogyny in the workplace!

Watch If: You need a bit of career inspo, and a good cry…

3. Scandal

5 TV Shows With Badass Female Leads! Scandal

Scandal is yet another of Shonda Rhimes creations! If there’s one thing we’ve learned from compiling this list it’s that Shonda knows how to write the parts of a badass woman!

Scandal is a political thriller starring Kerry Washington as badass Olivia Pope, a lawyer who runs a crisis management firm based in Washington, D.C.

This show has evvveerryything you could possibly want; drama, lies, romance and of course, scandal…

A young Olivia Pope finds herself enthralled in a love affair with Senator Fitzgerald Grant as she helps manage his campaign trail to become the next President of the United States! As if that wasn’t scandalous enough, Olivia’s firm, OPA, handles the sordid affairs of some of Washington’s most prominent figures.

Scandal has won and been nominated for countless awards! We loved this series so much, and binge watched it faster than we care to admit to!

Watch If: You see yourself headed for the Oval Office… well, maybe Áras an Uachtaráin.

4. The Bold Type

5 TV Shows With Badass Female Leads! The Bold Type

What’s better than a show with a badass female lead I hear you ask? How about a show with 3 badass female leads!

The Bold Type follows three friends Jane, Kat and Sutton around NYC. They work for Women’s magazine Scarlet. The show highlights the issues faced by women in publishing by juxtaposing the mostly all female staff of the magazine with the almost all male board of directors, i.e the people who decide if the publication lives or dies. Scarlet is aimed at women, yet it’s contents and funding is based around the decisions of men… A (male) character remarks in the first episode that Scarlet is just a sex magazine, cos that’s all women would be interested right? *rolls eyes*

Sarah Watson, the shows creator, does a great job of exploring prominent social issues in women’s & girl’s lives today. The 3 characters of course find themselves in awkward situations which adds to the light heartedness of the plot, but there is also a highlighting of issues like racism, xenophobia, sexuality, rape culture, gender roles. We love the gals of The Bold Type and we think you will too!

Watch If: You see yourself working at a magazine one day!

5. The Crown

5 TV Shows With Badass Female Leads! The Crown

Is there a more badass role than that of Queen? We don’t think so! The Crown is a Netflix original series that focuses on Queen Elizabeth II’s ascension to the throne.

Queen Elizabeth was only 25 when she became Queen of England. Can you imagine?! The third queen to sit on the throne through her own right (not through marriage). Her ancestors Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria being first and second to do so.

In today’s world, female leaders are still talked about and second guessed by their male counterparts. Can you imagine what it must have been like back in 1956? The Crown allows us an insight into what life for young Elizabeth was like before and after she became Queen of England.

There’s plenty of drama to keep you going, and many an historical event for those of you who love a bit of history. The Crown showcases how tough and well, frankly, how badass Queen Elizabeth had had to be throughout her reign. Dealing with governments and family alike was no mean feat!

Watch If: You’re a fan of Lizzie and co.!
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10 Irish Insta Gals We’re Loving At The Moment!


We’re all about supporting our fellow Irish gals here at Missy.

Our last article on the Irish Instagram accounts you need to follow was a huge success and we got SO many suggestions about who else we should feature. So, we’ve put together 10 more Irish Bloggers To Follow On Instagram. We’ve got something for everyone so give them a look, and maybe even a follow…

Irish Bloggers To Follow On Instagram

Amy Mulvaney – @whatshedoesnow

Let’s just start off by saying Amy’s Insta feed and blog are beyond pretty! We absolutely love her posts. Amy’s beauty posts are a must read! Her style is fab, and we love hearing her thoughts on Love Island every night! Amy also does a beautiful monthly newsletter full of positivity tips, organisation tips and her latest fashion finds. Make sure that you sign up, you really don’t want to miss it.


Molly – @mollerina

We love Molly and her Insta for her extra AF style. Her style is to die for, and we love her attitude towards life! Molly also has a YouTube channel where she shares hauls, vlogs and advice videos! Give Molly a follow if you appreciate great editing, and be prepared for her to be your newest #GirlCrush!


Joanna – @imaginationbubble

If you love books and fabulous images you need to be following Joanna on Instagram! Her gorgeous blog is also worth a follow for great book reviews. Joanna has an amazing eye when it comes to photography – check out her feed and see books photographed in ways you never thought possible! Cheeto, her cute cat alsp features throughout! Cats and books!? We’re sold!


Lucy – @luceblogger

Lucy is killing it at the Insta game these days. We love her fab style and travel tips! Lucy also shares great places to eat so if you’re a bit of a foodie she’s a must follow! Also check out Lucy’s documentary on Youtube which explores the work of influencers in Ireland as well as her blog.


Nelly – @nellysays

Not only does Nelly’s fab personality shine throughout her Insta feed, her style is so so fab! Nelly takes simple pieces and manages to style them in an amazing Insta worthy outfit. Check out her feed and blog for a bit of outfit inspo!


Dee Alfaro – @inthedeetales

When it comes to Insta there is only one word to describe Dee – Queen! Just look at her feed and you’ll know what we mean. Her style is so glam, think office chic times 10!


Clóda Scanlon – @orangeobviously

Clóda’s feed is stunn-ing! Not only are her outfits absolutely fab, but her personality shines through her Instas. Clóda is the type of gal you want as your BFF! Check out her blog for beauty reviews and fashion inspo!


Shóna Lenehan @ _shostyle

Take a look at Shóna’s feed and try not to fall in love with her style and aesthetic! You can see Shóna puts a lot of time and effort into her Insta, the end result being an amazing feed! Shóna recently set up her own business @ShoMarketing, so she’s #GirlBoss goals!


Cliona Hill – @clionahill

If you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing Insta account to follow that features the latest and greatest beauty products, look no further! Cliona’s feed is TDF! It takes a lot to put together a great flatlay so we really love Cliona’s feed, just look at those beautiful images!!


Emer J – @elegance_by_emer

We love Emer’s feed and her fashion focused content. You can tell from her Insta and blog that Emer is very passionate about fashion. If you’re ever lacking a bit of wardrobe inspo, head on over to Emer’s feed!


Who are some of your favourite Irish Bloggers To Follow On Instagram? Let us know in the comments!

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How To Rock The Denim Co-Ord Trend: Our Fav Picks!

How To Rock The Denim Co-Ord Trend: Our Fav Picks! Penney's To Prada Niamh Love Life

Sadly, summer is creeping to an end but it’s not all bad news! While Autumn does mean back to school, it also means Fall Fashion! You may have seen the co-ord take over your Insta feed, and we here at Missy think it’s this years best transitional piece! We’ve picked out our faves below; style with runners and a t-shirt for summer, and boots and a jumper for those chiller months. The co-ord is a great investment. Let us know your faves in the comments!

Our Favs!

We have trawled the internet searching for our fav denim co-ords! Some of our top picks for co-ords and accessories to style them come from Topshop, Boohoo, Nasty Gal & Pretty Little Thing!

The Leopard Print Co-ord


How To Rock The Denim Co-Ord Trend: Our Fav Picks!

How fab is this Topshop Leopard Print Denim Jacket and Skirt Co-Ord?? We are obsessed! It may have landed its way into our online shopping basket… The great thing about this outfit? It covers 2 big trends, leopard print AND denim co-ords! You can obvs style separately so the combinations are endless!!

The “Pop Of Colour” Co-ord

How To Rock The Denim Co-Ord Trend: Our Fav Picks!


These Pretty Little Thing oversized denim jacket co-ords are soooo cute! You can purchase the matching skirts, or mix and match! Transition into the colder weather by layering with a cropped hoodie or chunky knit. Add tights to keep your legs warm and you’re good to go! H

How fab are those white boots?? They’ll pull any outfit together but we love them with this pink co-ord!

The Patterned Co-ord!

How To Rock The Denim Co-Ord Trend: Our Fav Picks!

If you’re not feeling animal print, but still want something a bit more than a block colour this Dogstooth Denim Jacket and Skirt Set is for you! The Dogstooth pattern is very much in vogue this season. Style with a silk looking shirt and ballet flats for a chic, sophisticated look. If you’re feeling a little chilly, a colourful chunky knit and sneakers will work a treat!


Shop The Post


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#GirlsInSTEM: Niamh Kavanagh Chats About A Career In Physics

Niamh Kavanagh


Welcome back to the third part in our #GirlsInSTEM series! Make sure that you are all caught up on Part 1 (Why We Need More Girls In STEM) and Part 2 ( Andrea Gonzales Talks Girl Code).

As part of the series we intend to interview 4 women making waves in STEM. First up we’re chatting to Niamh Kavanagh about what it’s like to work in Physics.


What is your current role and what does it involve?

I am a PhD student, which is a strange mix of college and a job. I get paid to do my research but I also have to do a few courses here & there. One of the goals of my PhD is to build a new type of optical communications system, so I spend a lot of time in the lab doing that. An optical communications system is made up of lots of different components. Basically any time you send information over the internet, you’re using an optical communication system. Computers talk to each other in a binary language of 1’s and 0’s. We turn this digital information into pulses of light using lasers, e.g. turn the laser on for 1 and off for 0. These pulses of light travel around the world (across continents and under oceans) through optical fibres, this is why the information can go so far so quickly. What I’m trying to do is make a new system that’s based on new types of optical fibres that could allow us to send more information, faster than ever before. So my job involves a lot of time in the lab, designing the system, running test & tweaking equipment to get the best performance. But there’s a lot of other aspects to my job outside the lab too, I have to read a lot of papers to learn about my field, write papers of my own to communicate my findings to other researchers and attend lots of different trainings so I can learn new skills. The communication side of things is a big part of my job, I present at conferences all around the world to share my work with other researchers but also I communicate with people outside my field; I visit schools, take part in public events & do interviews like this! I think it’s important that the public can stay informed about science if they’re interested & I want to make that as accessible to as many people as I can.


What subjects did you study for the Leaving Cert?

I did English, Irish, Maths, France, Geography, Music & Physics.

I actually didn’t pick Physics to begin with, I chose Chemistry initially. I knew I wanted to do a science but I was never a fan of biology & I didn’t know anything about Physics. I chose Chemistry, but it turned out to be on at the same time as Music, so I couldn’t do both & I knew I wanted to do music because I had learned the piano outside of school & thought that would make the subject much easier. So for that reason alone, I ended up doing Physics!


Where did you go to college and what did you study?

I went on to study Physics at University College Cork.

For a long time I didn’t know what I wanted to do in college. I used to think I wanted to be a primary school teacher, but in Transition Year I did work experience in a school & quickly discovered that that wasn’t for me. This threw me into a spin because I hadn’t a clue what else to do.

I spent a lot of time worrying about it. I remember being very good at knowing what I didn’t want to do (lawyer, doctor, chef etc.) but I couldn’t think of a job I would like to do. In one of my sessions with my careers teacher, she asked me what my favourite subject was & I told her it was Physics. She said, well, what about that then? I was pretty doubtful but I looked into it & was pleasantly surprised with what I found. I learned that a degree in Physics gives you a wide variety of transferable skills that can be applied in lots of different areas. This sounded perfect to me, so I went for it.


What made you want to pursue a career in STEM?

I wasn’t especially passionate about science as a child I don’t think. I liked to read a lot, I enjoyed learning & I didn’t mind maths. I had a great Physics teacher in secondary school who didn’t mind me asking lots of questions, so that helped me enjoy the subject a lot. But really I think I chose STEM for quite practical reasons; I thought a degree in STEM would give me lots of options to have a good job & an interesting career.


Were you aware that women are underrepresented in STEM?

Yes. Even in secondary school when I told people I was going to study Physics in college there was raised eyebrows. I knew it wasn’t “normal”.

It’s not right that that’s the case. Anyone that’s interested in STEM should be able to pursue that interest, without being seen as abnormal.

In college I was very lucky to be a part of a very supportive year, we all worked together on everything & helped each other every step of the way. But when we graduated in 2014, I was one of two girls in a class of 20.

I remember at the start of college, feeling a lot of pressure associated with that, feeling like that if I did bad in a test that it reflected badly on my gender as a whole. That I had to do well or it would further confirm the incorrect assumption that Physics wasn’t for women. It made the first few months of college even harder I think. But I had to let that expectation go, it was too much pressure to take on. All you can do is do your best. It shouldn’t matter what gender you are. But as I said, the year I was in was very supportive and I think that helped a lot.


Did this underrepresentation give you any doubts about pursuing your chosen career?

Yes. To be honest, more-so as I’ve gone on in my career, I have found working in a male-dominated atmosphere more difficult. The culture can be very traditional & unwilling to change to be more welcoming to women & LGBT people. Also, the academic career path (from PhD to Post-Doc & then maybe lecturer) is very difficult to manage as you are expected to move around a lot internationally to gain experience & because there are not a lot of available positions. It can be very competitive & I’m not sure I’m willing to sacrifice my personal life in the way that might be necessary to gain a good position in academia.

I know from looking at the research that these are challenges that impact women more than men & although improvements are being made, it is off-putting. An alternative career path to academia is to go into industry & work for a company (rather than a university or research institute). I am strongly considering that route at the moment. Since I’m in the final year of my PhD I’m thinking a lot about this at the moment, one thing I’ve certainly learned though is that very few people have it all figured out. Very few have a plan. No one really knows for sure what they what to be when they grow up. You’re constantly questioning yourself & trying to make the best decision for you & your family at that particular time.


Do you feel you are at a disadvantage by being a woman in STEM? i.e. Do you feel your male colleagues are given better opportunities, promoted more often, taken more seriously etc.

This is a difficult question because from my own personal experience it is difficult to point to serious examples of when I have been obviously disadvantaged because of my gender and, on the flip-side of that, I have some examples of times that I have received specific support because of my gender (i.e. programmes to encourage more women participating in STEM) but I think this is because you can never really know the opportunities that you weren’t given because of your gender, unless someone tells you, which often is not the case.

So, for example, in 2012, over 100 US STEM professors were asked to rate the CV of a student applying for a pretend laboratory manager position. Based on the CV, they were asked: Do you think this person is competent? Would you hire them & would you personally mentor them? The catch was that all the CVs were absolutely identical, except half had a male name, John & half had a female name, Jennifer. The results showed that, even though both CVs were identical, John was rated higher than Jennifer in all aspects of competence, hire-ability & mentorship. The kicker was that they were they asked to assign a starting salary for the student. John was offered a mean salary of nearly 4000 dollars more Jennifer, again for the exact same CV. So, the research shows that women in STEM can be disadvantaged in comparison to their male colleagues by being given better opportunities, promoted more often & taken more seriously.

I don’t think this is a reason not to do STEM, I think it is still a field full of fantastic opportunities and exciting careers. I just think it’s very important to be aware of these disparities that do exist so we can work towards fixing them.


How do you suggest girls in school now get involved in STEM and work towards equalling the field?

So, I’m going to address the first half of this question first, if you’re interested in STEM please get involved! There are lots of different initiatives to support young people, and young girls especially, who have a passion for STEM. Try to talk to anyone you know who works in a STEM-related job. Ask at your local university or Tech Company to see if they have outreach activities or support structures that you can get involved with. There’s a lot of national initiatives as well around Science Week and Engineers Week where there are lots of events on around the country, so keep an eye out for those! The internet is an endless resource, where you can find anything about anything, so take advantage of that!

Secondly, I don’t think the responsibility should be on women to work towards equalling the field. The field is currently suffering because of a lack of diversity. Research has shown that diverse teams produce better results, make fewer errors and make more money. It is in our best interest to foster a diverse workforce. Women can of course support equality initiatives by getting involved, supporting other women & mentoring younger women, for example. We need to create a better, more welcoming, more inclusive culture in STEM so that when women do enter into STEM fields, we don’t see them leaving at higher rates than men (which unfortunately is the case currently). At the end of the day, in my opinion, we can’t put the responsibility on the few to change the culture of the many.


Even with a gender gap in STEM fields would you encourage young girls to still pursue this field, and why?

Even with everything I’ve said here, I still would encourage young women to pursue a career in STEM fields. STEM is such a wide field, full of exciting opportunities that can really take you anywhere. I know so many brilliant women in STEM doing amazing things to make the world a better place, they inspire me every day & I’m so glad that they chose STEM. But also, the unfortunate reality is that sexism exists everywhere. Gender disparities at higher, decision-making levels exists in many fields outside of STEM. You can’t let these things stop you from pursing what you’re passionate about.

If you’re interested in STEM, go for it.

You can follow Niamh on Twitter!

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Planning Your Leaving Cert Holiday: Our Travel And Packing Tips

Congrats, you have survived the Leaving Cert! After all that studying and stressing, you and your friends have decided to book that Leaving Cert Holiday to blow off some steam before the college year commences!

You may not have organised a holiday before, so we here at Missy have put together some tips. From deciding where to go, to packing for that pesky 10kg carry-on limit, to budgeting and travel insurance, we’ve got you sorted!

Where to go…?

(Harder than deciding your Leaving Cert subjects…)

Tradition usually see’s Leaving Cert survivors head to the party zones on islands off of Spain or Greece, and that’s great if that’s your scene, but there are other options!

Before you rush into booking the next flights to Tenerife, sit down with your friends and decide if you want a beach destination or are you more suited to a city break? You’re bound to have a great time on either! Whether it’s the golden sands of Ibiza or sprawling streets of Prague, your Leaving Cert holiday can be fab either way!


Getting there…

You’ve decided on your destination, now how exactly do you go about getting there? We have two recommendations; you can either book via a travel agent who will usually sort out your flights and accommodation for you, or you can book search around for the best deals yourself. If you choose to have a look for flights and hotels yourself, you should check out sites like and Kayak!

Use this link to get €15 off of your hotel with




Now that the Leaving Cert is nothing but a vague memory we presume the flights are booked, the bikini’s and sundresses have been purchased, but now you have to figure out how to get that mountain of clothes into a carry-on case! And you thought Project Maths was difficult…

Here are our tips for cramming as much into that small bag as possible! If you crammed for the Leaving Cert, this will be a doddle!

1.Only pack the essentials

Holidays have a strange effect on people, we end up packing 20 outfits for a weeks holiday, as well as triple the underwear we think we’ll need. When you have a very small space you have to be brutal in what makes it in. Only pack those items that you’ll know you’ll wear. Repeat after us, you do not need 8 different pairs of sandals!

2. Versatility is key

You probably plan to go out most nights you’re away and don’t want to be seen in the same outfit twice (imagine!). To avoid this, opt for pieces that are versatile and can be mixed and matched with other bits you’re bringing. A pair of shorts can be worn with several different tops for example. Dresses and playsuits are great for saving room as they’re a full outfit all in one, so you don’t have to bring several items for one outfit!

3. Get the most out of your space

Roll everything! You’ll fit a lot more in by rolling your clothes as opposed to folding them. They also have less obvious wrinkles and creases when rolled, in case your hotel doesn’t have an iron. Stuff underwear and swimwear into any shoes you might be packing to save a bit of space! Or try vacuum packing your clothes!

4. Know your limits

If you have booked to bring a carry on bag then you are only allowed to bring a maximum of 100ml individual liquids through security. We recommend heading to Boots or Superdrug and stocking up on mini’s of shampoo and conditioner etc. If there are a few of you heading on holiday, it could work out better to hit up a supermarket or pharmacy at your chosen destination and get the essentials there. You’ll have full sizes of everything, and probably save a few bob by splitting the cost!



Food and drink is usually a bit cheaper when abroad, so it’s easy to lose the run of yourself when it comes to spending. The deals on offer may seem great, but when you’re heading home with not even two euro’s to rub together you (or your parents) won’t be so happy! This is probably your first real taste of freedom away from the parental unit, don’t ruin it by having to ring home and ask for them to send on money via Western Union. You will never live it down, trust us!

We recommend budgeting and allocating a certain amount that you can afford to spend everyday. Save some money by heading to the supermarket for simple breakfast and lunch bits rather than eating out. If your accommodation is self-catering even better!

If you have cash on you, separate it up into smaller amounts and keep it in various bags, shoes and pockets. Make sure that you keep an amount aside “in case of emergency“. If you don’t spent it treat yo’ self at the airport on the way home, otherwise it’s off-limits.


Remember to stay safe and have a great Leaving Cert Holiday!



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Nasty Gal X Emma Louise Connolly: Our Top Picks


We here at Missy were very excited when we heard that UK model and influencer Emma Louise Connolly had teamed up with one of our favourite brands, Nasty Gal. We’ve compiled our fav pieces from the edit, and tell you how we’d style them!


In case you didn’t know, Emma is a model with over 280K Instragram followers, if you don’t follow her, get on it! Her collab with Nasty Gal features Emma’s favourite summer pieces as well as two slogan tees designed by Emma herself! We love the collection. Check out the pieces below!

Summer capsule edit: Our fav picks!

We are obsessed with this mustard tie-front crop top! Style it like Emma with distressed denim shorts in the summer. Transition the look into Autumn by pairing with a light wash pair of Mom jeans and some Old School Vans.


Next up this super cute slogan tee. Is there anything more versatile than the humble slogan tee? Tuck into a frilly skirt for summer time with a pair of sandals. As soon as winter rolls around throw over a chunky knit cardigan and style with skinny jeans! So simple, yet still on trend.


We’ve got two of our fav dresses from the edit up next! We spot a theme with these pale blue numbers, but we’re not complaining as they’re both fab!


Perfect for summer, we’d team both with a cute pair of tan sandals and this season’s favourite accessory, a wicker basket bag! If you’re feeling extra summery and this amazing weather continues, a straw sun hat would look fab! And it so happens, Emma has chosen this cute straw beret for her edit!


You can check out the full collection from 10 July 2018 on  – Our bank accounts will not happy! NASTY GAL X EMMA LOUISE CONNOLLY


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3 Outfits To Inspire Your Summer Holiday Wardrobe

shorts 1

I always seem to get a little bit frustrated when it comes to putting together my summer holiday wardrobe. I often think there’s no point in buying anything new as the weather in Ireland doesn’t really allow for much of a summer, and therefore any new purchases are kind of redundant. When shopping for clothes to pack for a summer holiday, I consider three things:


Is it going to fold nicely and actually fit in my carry-on suitcase (along with twenty other unnecessary items of clothing)? Will the wrinkles fall out of it when I hang it up or will it require an iron? All this sounds mundane but walking around in a dress with loads of wrinkles isn’t very aesthetically pleasing (always thinking about the ‘gram).


Is this a piece of clothing I can get away with at home? There’s no point in shelling out a fortune for the newest on trend piece and realising Irish weather does not permit the wearing of such items at home!


As I said, when it comes to purchasing holiday clothes it’s best to stick with the cheap(ish) and cheerful, especially if they are bits you won’t wear at home and/or only get a seasons wear out of.

With all that in mind these are my 3 top picks from my holiday outfits!


Top 3 Picks…

Co-ord 1

Co-ords are everywhere this season, so I jumped on this Pull & Bear number when I saw it on ASOS. It was relatively cheap, and I’ve already worn the top with mom jeans to suit the Irish weather. It also didn’t take up a lot of space in my luggage, and is a simple yet complete outfit.


Next up, this tie back dress. I love the red gingham pattern on this dress, but it’s the scattered flowers on top of the gingham that really drew me towards it! The tie-back detailing above the cut out is also a nice touch. 

shorts 2

Last but not least, these “paintbrush print” shorts. I honestly thought they were a leopard print, but Topshop says otherwise! Either way, they’re very cute. The fabric doesn’t cling to you, and the fact that they have a bit of a frill means they’re nice and airry. Perfect for summer! No 28 degree heat was going to interrupt my holiday! I paired it with a simple strappy crop top also from Topshop and a black pair of sandals. My favourite thing about these shorts? They can be styled with a black pair of tights and a chunky knit jumper when the winter rolls round. Win/win really!


Get more stying tips and ideas from Jessie’s blog, What’s Yer Wan Wearing? Also follow her on Instagram!

What items are you adding to your summer holiday wardrobe?

Read More: The Missy Edit

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#GirlsInSTEM: Andrea Gonzales Talks Girl Code

Andrea Gonzales

In the latest part of our #GirlsInSTEM series we chatted to Andrea Gonzales who wrote Girl Code: Gaming, Going Viral, and Getting It Done with her friend Sophie Houser. Girl Code is the story of two teenage tech phenoms who met at Girls Who Code summer camp, teamed up to create a viral video game, and ended up becoming world famous.

Andrea is a classically trained pianist, but when she discovered coding her life took a different turn. We spoke to her about her early desires to become an engineer, the challenges she faced being a woman in tech, and how Tampon Run has helped to destigmatise periods.


You have previously said your parents wanted you to be a doctor, lawyer or engineer. What made you choose engineer? 

When I was younger, I really admired this character in an old animated movie called Atlantis: The Lost Empire, named Audrey. She was this young, fiery, talented, and driven mechanic…I wanted to be just like her! I also liked video games, and my sisters had already called dibs on doctor and lawyer. I made the “decision” to be an engineer when I was around 5…so the choice to become an engineer was for several reasons that really only a kid would find motivating.


Were you and your parents aware before you decided to be an engineer that there was a gender gap in the STEM career paths?

Yes. I had never experienced it for myself before, and wouldn’t really experience it for a while, but I had a strong tomboy identity, so I felt that it wouldn’t be that hard for me because I was already so “boyish.”


If so, did this cause you to rethink your choice at any time or drive you to prove girls can do anything boys can do?

I’m a bit competitive, which both drives me to prove people wrong and raises the stakes of failure. I never liked the idea of not being able to do something, and especially not being able to do something because of my gender. It seemed like a challenge—a very daunting one, of course—but one that I was willing to take on.


Andrea Gonzales and Sophie Houser.

Why did you apply for Girls Who Code

I had already been coding for a few summers at a co-ed summer camp, and while I loved my time at that camp, I wanted a change. Girls Who Code is more than just a 101 course in computer science, it offers an incredibly supportive network and a foothold into a number of tech companies and connections. I also wanted to see how I would change as a programmer if I were surrounded by women. In some ways, Girls Who Code was more daunting to me than the co-ed, since I was such a tomboy and was intimidated by the idea of hanging with only women for nine hours a day. But honestly, it was because I had become accustomed to the idea of being surrounded by men. I’m glad I made the decision to apply!


We know your game Tampon Run was created to help deal with the stigmatisation of periods, how has the reaction to that been?

For the most part, it’s been incredibly positive. Even for me, when I first released Tampon Run, I still felt uncomfortable talking about my own period and about periods in general. After Tampon Run went viral, I had to adapt quickly, to say the least. People of all ages have played with the game, from parents who want to show the game to their kids, to middle school students who have started educating each other about the stigma surrounding menstruation. The message is that menstruation is a natural bodily function that young children should know about from an early age and without shame. Of course, there have been trolls and people who don’t get that, but Sophie and I have taken critique in stride; it’s made us stronger and more driven. Tampon Run has made lasting impact beyond our wildest dreams, and at the end of the day, we’re proud of that.


What advice would you give our readers if they want to get into coding or any STEM career?

Persevere! I’ve said this from the beginning and I’ll keep saying it. Going into STEM and coding is hard, period. Going into STEM and coding as a woman or other marginalized gender is even harder. But if you’re doing what you love, it’s incredibly rewarding, even if it is challenging. It will take a little more effort but find those other women in your STEM communities. Become an advocate for other women who haven’t taken the leap. You’d be surprised how just being in STEM as a woman can encourage others to join you. 

Can you recommend any online resources for those who might not have a class or camp close by?

For sure! Codecademy, Khan Academy, and are great places to start when learning to code. There are countless other online resources to get started; all you need is a computer and an internet connection.


How did you find putting your book Girl Code together? Did you enjoy the writing process?

We had a very short amount of time to write the book, and at the time I was finishing my senior year of high school. There were times where I’d be with friends but sit in a corner of their apartment editing a chapter or responding to my editor. I spent most of my school breaks with Sophie working on the book. I felt very exposed – it was tough talking about my life, knowing people I knew would read it…especially my parents. It was definitely a challenging time and it took a toll on me mentally, emotionally, and academically, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I never had so much time dedicated to thinking about my life, how I’ve changed, and how to articulate it all in writing. I grew so much as a writer and a thinker, and it was amazing to see that two years of work on Tampon Run manifested in a real, physical book. I cried when I got my first copy! And of course I’m so lucky to have gotten the chance to reach more young women by sharing my story in Girl Code. It was an incredible experience.


Girl Code: Gaming, Going Viral, and Getting It Done is available now!

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CAO Change of Mind: What To Do If You’re Having Doubts

How To:CAO Change of Mind

CAO Change of Mind

You filled out your CAO ages ago, you’re feeling confident in your choices, you know the grades you need to get and the Leaving Cert is new in the rearview window. However, maybe you have that niggling feeling at the back of your mind… maybe your top choice isn’t what you want to do. Are you doing this course for you or because your parents/fav teacher has pushed you towards it? It’s perfectly ok to have a change of heart, and we’re here to tell you exactly what to do if you feel like you might have changed your mind.

The Facts

  1. The CAO reopens on the 4th of May 2018 @ 12 Noon, and closes again on 1st July 2018 @ 17.15 sharp. This is also known as the CAO Change of Mind.
  2. There is no fee to change your CAO at this point.
  3. By submitting a CAO Change of Mind, the system automatically cancels “all the previous course choices in any category in which changes are made” However, the two course categories of Level 8 and Level 7/6 are treated separately. Changing a Level 8 course only effects other Level 8’s and vice versa.
  4. If changing, make sure you list the course you’re changing in the correct category. Also ensure all other courses you choose are in order before re-submitting.
  5. You can change your mind as many times as you like between the 4th of May and the deadline on 1st July 2018.

Knowing If You Want To Change Your Mind

You may be very confident in your choices and that’s great, but it won’t do you any harm to double-check your choices when the CAO reopens. Have a scroll through the list, make sure your first choice is still definitely your first choice. If you’ve only got 2 or 3 courses down, maybe do some more Googling and pop a few more down, it’s always good to have options, and there are so many courses out there to choose from.

You checked your courses and everything was in order. Now though, after sitting that exam, you’re a bit apprehensive, it wasn’t exactly what you expected. Self doubt will only stress you out in these situations.When under pressure we often make mountains out of mole hills, as they saying goes. You will probably surprise yourself once you open your results in August, so don’t jump the gun and change everything because you feel you mightn’t have done as well as you hoped. The best thing is to stick with what you want as your top choice, but throw in a few back-ups further down the list, just incase.

You’re more than likely over thinking things, but if you feel you want to avail of the CAO change of mind, there are a few things to consider.

Research, Research, Research

We can’t stress enough how important it is to research the course you want to do. This will be your life for the next 3/4 years, and perhaps your career after that. It’s important you have a keen interest in the subject, it’s even more important you see yourself being happy in the course. When doing your research we recommend you check the course outline, read the in-depth description of each module (both core modules and choice modules), and see what the course structure for years 2 and 3 etc is like. A great way to see what your course might lead to is to check the “careers” tab listed on most course pages. This page usually contains testimonials of past graduates sharing how the degree helped shape their career.

Go Broad or Go Home

If you’re on the fence (we don’t blame you, choosing a career path at the age of 17/18 is overwhelming at times) it’s best to look into courses that offer a broad range of material. Rather than choosing a course that is very specific and may lead to a smaller amount of career paths or future study, pick something that is a bit broader in its structure. Your friends/family/teachers may have opinions on these types of courses, but when you’ve graduated and can dip into an abundance of careers or postgrads you’ll be reassured you made the right decision for you when it came to the CAO all those years ago! Check out QualifaX for a range of info on all things education.

Don’t Follow The Crowd

If you check your CAO and it’s a list of courses at a college or uni where your friends are going, perhaps take a moment to re-evaluate. Going to a certain college just because it’s where a majority of your friends are going is not always a wise choice. Especially if you’re having doubts about the course you’ve chosen on your CAO. Going to college is a life experience like none other. It’s often an opportunity to evolve, try new things, evaluate who you are, and “find yourself.” (Perfectly ok to graduate and still not have a clue of any of this, but it’s always nice to think it’s an option).

So, if you’re doubting your CAO choices and want to go to a uni that isn’t a popular choice among friends, go for it. This is your life, choosing a path based on other people’s ideas and opinions is something you may end up regretting.

PLC Please

If you’re panicking about how the LC went, cover your back and look into some PLC courses. It’s not going to do any harm having back-ups if things don’t go the way you wanted. Look up the courses on your CAO and see if they accept PLC courses as another means of entry. PLC’s are also a great way to get a taster for the course you’ve chosen to do. So, if things don’t go right in August, rest assured that there are other options than just those you listed on your CAO.

We will have more about your options once the Leaving Cert results are out.

Have you any questions or concerns about the CAO change of mind? Let us know in the comments below.