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How To Make Your College Room A Home!

Most of you will probably have asserted your independence now that you’re in college, and have moved out of your family home. This can be a very big step. Whilst it’s great to get a bit of independence, it can be hard to make your new digs feel like a home.

Whether you are staying with a host family, on campus, or in a student house, your room is a great chance to put your stamp on your space.  You obviously can’t go wild repainting or hanging up pictures on every available space, so Missy has a few tips to make your room at college a home!


Pick A Quirky Duvet Cover!

Whether you are staying in a broom cupboard, or you managed to score a double room, it’s guaranteed there’ll be a bed of some description. A duvet cover is a great way to add a pop of colour and bit of personality to your space. New Look has a great selection! We really love these sloth, llama and mermaid themed sets!


Fairy Lights!

We are yet to find a room that doesn’t need a set of fairy lights. They just seem to make everything better! The great thing is most fairy lights you buy are battery-powered so your room mates can’t blame you for a pricey electricity bill.

We love the fact you can make these ASOS lights into a sign. If you fancy hanging some Polaroids, why not try these cute clip lights?



A few scatter cushions can do a room the world of good. They add a pop of colour and texture. While they can be a nuisance to take on and off your bed everyday, you’ll love the sense of comfort and homeyness they bring.

We adore the selection ASOS has! The eyelash one is our fav! Add a pop of colour with the pink flamingos, or take the slogan trend a step further with this FUN cushion!


Plants & Succulents

Whether you opt for real or fake, there is one place you turn to for all your potted plant needs – IKEA! If you’re looking to add a little touch of the outdoors to your room but you’re not the best at keeping plants alive try these artificial plants and succulents. If you’re up for the challenge of keeping a plant alive, we love these orchid and bamboo plants.



When we’re away from family, friends, and pets in college you can start to feel a little homesick. A great way to tackle this is to decorate your room with pictures from home. Blu-tac can ruin walls so why not try some cute stand alone frames. There are some super cute frames out there, we’ve selected some of our faves! Including a cute memo board for notes and photos!


Have you any tips for decorating your college room?

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How We’re Styling Our Fave New Look Coats This A/W


How We're Styling Our Fave New Look Coats This A/W Season


We at Missy love when Autumn/Winter rolls around because it means one thing – coats! Sure, the evenings are longer and school is back in full swing but there’s something about a nice jacket that helps ease the blow. If there’s one place that be relied on for great A/W wear, it’s New Look. We’ve picked 3 of our fave coats/jackets, and shown you how we’d style them!

How fab is this check camel coat? As soon as we saw it we knew we had to have it! Pinafores are also everywhere this season, we love how different this green faux leather one is from New Look.


How We're Styling Our Fave New Look Coats This A/W Season


Is it just us or are there serious Stranger Things vibes from this outfit? As soon as we put it together we thought “This is something Eleven or Max would wear.” To say we’re obsessed with this faux corduroy jacket is an understatement. It’s so versatile. We’ve styled it for a very casual look, but it would look cute with a dress and boots as well! The green from the long sleeve top contrasts nicely with the mustard, separated by the denim of the dungarees so it’s not too intense!


How We're Styling Our Fave New Look Coats This A/W Season


We are so so happy that Teddy Bear coats have made a comeback this season! They are possibly the comfiest things we’ve ever worn! New Look stocks this coat in a few colours, but the pink is defo our favourite! The burgundy of the shirt we’ve styled it with really makes the colour pop, and it’s a great way to link pink into a fall wardrobe. Everyone should have a pair of brown boots for Autumn/Winter, throw them on with anything from denim skirts, like this one, to jeans and they really make an outfit.

What do you think of our picks? How would you style your faves? Let us know in the comments! 


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5 Things Mrs Hinch Has Taught Us

We never thought we would be discussing the topic of cleaning on, but stay with us on this…

At the beginning of the week we learned of a phenomenon sweeping Instagram – Mrs Hinch and her cleaning tips! You’re probably thinking really? Cleaning? But trust us, Mrs Hinch’s Instagram is addictive! We’ve watched all of her highlights, liked most of her posts (not to sound creepy…) and we are now fully fledged Mrs Hinch-lings!

So, if you’ve recently moved out for college, or just want to impress the parentals, here are the top 5 things Mrs Hinch has taught us about cleaning!


1) Washing Your Washing Machine Is A Thing…

Eh, this one took us at Missy HQ by storm. So much so that we now have a dedicated group chat to the topic. You should wash your washing machine. No one told us that! Needless to say some serious washing machine cleaning is going down this weekend. (We. Are. Wild). Mrs Hinch recommends cleaning the drawer where all your washing powder etc. goes. As well as giving the rubber part of the barrel a good scrub. You’d be surprised how dirty these bits can get…!


2) Vinegar Is Not Just For Chips!

Vinegar may make your takeaway taste that bit better but did you know it also works wonders on cleaning glass and mirrors? You may be thinking how is that relevant, but we’re sure you have a mirror or two in your bedroom that could do with a good clean! Mrs Hinch recommends Stardrops Vinegar Spray, so naturally we’re now fully stocked up!

3) Not All Cloths Were Created Equal…

We’ve not lost the plot, bear with us! Mrs Hinch uses cloths by the brand Minky. However, we’ve lovingly taken on her pronunciation of “MINKEH!” (If we were Minky Homecare we’d be rebranding ASAP). We never thought we’d be obsessed with a cloth or sponge but here we are…

5 Things Mrs Hinch Has Taught Us

4) Zoflora Is Life

Before this week we just thought of Zoflora as a disinfectant, but after watching Mrs Hinch – it’s now a way of life. Zoflora is a natural product, so it’s not only a great cleaner, it’s good for the environment! Win/Win! It also smells amazing. Be sure to dilute it down though or the smell might be a tad bit overwhelming! Use it on floors, toilets, anything!

5) Clockwise Cleaning

Mrs Hinch keeps all of her cleaning products in baskets, separated by product type or use (Monica Geller, is that you?). For the clockwise clean, she takes her “daily basket”, filled with bits she’ll need for whatever cleaning goes on that day, and her wipes basket. (Invest in some wipes if you want to get your floors sparkling, a mop is not enough apparently! We were shocked too!). For the clockwise clean you start on the left of whatever room you are tackling, and work your way round in a clockwise direction! Genius! Eat your heart out Snow White!

5 Things Mrs Hinch Has Taught Us


Are you as blown away by these tips as we are? Have you any cleaning tips of your own you’d like to share?


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Fashion Update: Brown Is Back!!

You might be thinking we here at Missy have gone slightly bonkers brown is back…? Was it ever really here? You’re probably too young to remember, heck we’re too young to remember! But according to the parentals, brown was big in the 70’s, and now it’s back in all it’s 2018 glory! Well, that’s according to the big time fashion editors but who are we to argue with them?

When you think about it, it’s actually a nice neutral colour that can be mixed and matched with a lot of items you probably already own. The leopard print trend that looks fit to stay for all of this A/W season, would look great paired with it.

Want to jazz up a plain jeans and a jumper look? Brown boots is where it’s at! There’s no need to go all That 70’s Show and wear it head to toe in varying shades.

We absolutely love the burnt orange colour “tobacco” – how cute is this jacket and jumper dress?

Fashion Update: Brown Is Back!!

50 Shades of Brown!

Instead check out some of these versatile pieces we’ve chosen to add to your Autumn/Winter Wardrobe!

Do you love that this 70’s trend is coming back? What are your favourite pieces? 

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Embrace The Mustard Trend With These Cute Looks!

Embrace The Mustard Trend With These Cute Looks!

You may have noticed one colour seems to be dominating the rails of most clothes shops these days – mustard, and we love it!

From bags and shoes to coats, skirts, and trousers mustard is massive for Autumn/Winter 2018. We’re not too surprised, it is a very Autumn-y colour after all! Last year’s A/W season featured a lot of mustard, but it seemed burnt orange was more so the “in” colour. Mustard is stepping out from the shadows this year though and is back with a bang!

We’re particularly loving the fact a lot of brands are brining back tartan, it’s very Cher from Clueless. How awesome is this Topshop jacket and skirt co-ord? If you’re willing to embrace the “ugly dad trainers” trend, these Fila Disruptor 3 Trainers will go down a treat!

If skirts aren’t your thing but you are still a big fan of the tartan trend, these New Look trousers are a great way to give a nod to the trend. They also look super comfy and will be so handy coming into the Winter months! Pair it with this  cardigan also from New Look to really amp up the mustard! A slogan tee with a pop of colour will break up the outfit.

Embrace The Mustard Trend With These Cute Looks!

We really love Cher’s mustard looks – how cute is this cardigan??


What do you think of this trend? Let us know what your fav colours are for Autumn/Winter 2018 in the comments below!

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5 Ways TV Shows Distorted Our Expectations Of Secondary School

We’re not sure about you, but before we at Missy started Secondary School we had great expectations thanks to  TV Shows! Turns out that these TV Shows were very very different to what awaited us (thanks Gossip Girl…)!

With that in mind, here are 5 TV Shows that distorted our expectations of Secondary School (or High School as they’d say).

1) Gossip Girl & Uniforms

5 Ways TV Shows Distorted Our Expectations Of Secondary School


As we mentioned before Gossip Girl was a big one for us. Now we didn’t exactly think we’d be prancing around NYC on our lunch break mingling with Manhattans elite, but the uniforms Serena and the gang rock had us thinking we’d have more opportunities to customise our uniforms once we hit Secondary School. We were very very wrong. No blazers, no cute shirts that can be worn 20 different ways, and definitely no cute mini skirts. Nope, we were faced with an ankle-length nightmare.

Read More: 10 Reasons Why You Need To Watch Gossip Girl

2) Gilmore Girls & Grades

5 Ways TV Shows Distorted Our Expectations Of Secondary School


Ok, so we know Rory Gilmore is portrayed as being above averagely smart, but seriously, our expectations were way too high because of her. Rory is shown as having a great social life – she participates in local events, has friends to hang out with, has weekly dinners with her grandparents, spends a lot of TV time with her Mom, and maintains a relationship all whilst killing it on the grades front. We’re not saying this is impossible, but she made it look so darn easy! And trust us, a lot of effort is needed to maintain this level of awesomeness in school.

3) Pretty Little Liars & Drama

5 Ways TV Shows Distorted Our Expectations Of Secondary School

Thanks to PLL we thought secondary school was going to be a drama a minute. All those hormones packed into one space screamed potential for a drama overload but nope, everything was very quite! We were shocked! No scandals, no gossip that could bowl you over, no sordid affairs, nada!

4) The Vampire Diaries & Teen Romances

5 Ways TV Shows Distorted Our Expectations Of Secondary School

If there’s one TV Show that hyped up teen romances it was The Vampire Diaries. We entered secondary school ready to have whirlwind romances aplenty! Bonus points if the objects of our affections were some sort of supernatural beings! Again, this one fell flat on its face. It was hard enough trying to find a date to the debs we could tolerate, let alone deal with that level of intensity in a relationship as a teen! You’re not lacking anything so don’t be worrying – these relationships are purely for the screen, thank goodness!

5) Riverdale & Dress Code

5 Ways TV Shows Distorted Our Expectations Of Secondary School

This one is really only accurate for those days you’re allowed wear your own clothes to school, but still, if you think you’re gonna get away with the hem lines the girls of Riverdale do, think again! We would have loved to have rocked some of the fab looks from Riverdale, but we feel it would have ended in a trip to the principals office! Best to stick with these trends for non-school days, just to safe!

Did any of these shows make you think Secondary School would be different to what it is? Let us know in the comments! 

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Get The Look: Leopard Print

Get The Look: Leopard Print

Leopard Print seems to be everywhere these days! From Primark to Topshop Leopard print is featuring on everything from tops to dresses!

Our Instagram has been blowing up with fashion bloggers featuring leopard print outfits left, right and centre!

We would never be ones to miss a trend, so we’re very happy to jump on board with this one! Two of our fave looks here at Missy are by Insta gals @petiteellie and @lauraslittlelocket. We’ve recreated their looks below for you!

We really love the brown undertones of the pieces we’ve picked. Styling the lighter tones is really easy, and goes with so much!

Laura’s Look

How cute is that New Look jumpsuit? We love how Laura styled it casually with Converse, and some layered necklaces. If styling for winter, maroon boots would also be fab! When it starts to get chillier we’d pop on a classic black leather jacket, Penneys have some great ones for a great price!

Ellie’s Look

Ellie’s leopard socks are so fab and add a little something extra to any outfit! We styled with these gorgeous Topshop Mom Jeans and this PJ style shirt from New Look! If you’re not feeling the double leopard look, try styling the shirt with a pair of black skinny jeans and doc martens. Should you want to go for a more subtle nod to the trend, rock the socks like Ellie!


Have you spotted any pieces that you would choose to rock this trend? How would you style them? Let us know in the comments below!

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Tips On Finding Student Accommodation In Today’s Rental Market

If you have recently accepted a CAO offer for a course this article may be of interest of you! Firstly, congrats! Secondly, if you thought the LC was stressful we have a shock for you! We’re not ones to sugar coat anything here at Missy. We give you the facts and tell it like it is. And unfortunately, finding student accommodation isn’t always easy. Especially as everyone clamours to find a space at the same time after CAO offers drop! It can feel immensely stressful. For those of you who may have to struggle to find a place, the experience can turn you into an adult almost over night. Welcome to adulting!

Whilst we can’t magic you up a room in a great location for a cheap price and fab roommates, we can help you avoid any dodgy ads or scams out there with our tips for finding student accommodation.

1. Always View The Property

Never ever agree to take accommodation over the phone or via email. Whilst the ad may say a spacious room, and the pictures look legit, it’s so simple for landlords to fake these images. Always arrange a viewing to ensure the room is up to standard (no damp, or mould etc), and is as it says/looks online. Even if it’s your neighbours cousins daughters nephew who has the room, go to see it! The last thing you or your parents want to do is pay a small fortune on a deposit for somewhere that isn’t legit!

2. Never Go To A Viewing Alone

Whilst it may be an easier solution to just hop in the car or on the bus/train to head to a viewing alone try to organise for someone to go with you. A parent, aunt, uncle, older sibling or cousin would be ideal. Not only is it safer if the person advertising the room has bad intentions, but an older wiser person who’s been through rented accommodation before will know the right questions to ask about bills etc.

3. Trust No One

This one kind of ties in with our first point, and while it does sound dramatic, it’s a rule to live by when accommodation hunting! The amount of people we have met throughout our combined university experiences here at Missy, who have been stung by fake ads is shocking! If a listing looks too good to be true, then it probably is (soz).

How To Tell If A Listing Is Dodgy

You’ve probably heard how crazy the rental market has become in recent months/years. Major cities like Cork, Limerick, Waterford and of course Dublin, are experiencing unbelievable rent hikes. So, the major giveaway that listings on places like are fake is the price for the quality of the place. If the pictures are of an amazing apartment – double room with an ensuite, in a great central location and priced at something reasonable like €350 a month, then its defo a scam.

In searching for accommodation with a friend a few years back, an apartment popped up; 2 double rooms, both ensuite in Rathmines (a nice central area in Dublin) for €1000 a month. That is a bargain believe it or not. €500 each in a modern apartment with the place to ourselves, and willing to let to students? Our life was made. However, when we got an email back from the landlord saying they bought the apartment for their daughter (v generous Dad), but they were no longer in the country and so once we’d sent money for a deposit (€2000) he’d send us on the keys… Em, yeah right..

4. Always Check The Tenancy Agreement/Lease

Renting accommodation can sometimes mean you have to sublet. This means you rent the room from the current occupier due to the fact that they are moving out but don’t want to pay to get out of their lease. This can be a good thing and a bad thing; seeing as you’re not on the lease you can’t be liable for a lot of stuff. On the flip side, if you’re not on the lease it can also mean you don’t have a lot of tenant rights. If you want to look into your rights as a tenant, threshold is a really good resource.

5. Contact Your College’s Student Union

College’s and University’s usually have a Student Union (SU) that will have an accommodation support service. This can include private Facebook Pages with fellow students and people looking to fill rooms, or other websites with the purpose to find a room. The resources your SU runs are very strict, so you can know the ads are legit.

How has your search for accommodation been? Any tips to share with fellow accommodation seekers? 

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5 Things Wrong With Netflix’s New Show, Insatiable!

To say Netflix’s new show, Insatiable, has caused a stir on the internet is a serious understatement. The show, starring Debbie Ryan, has had it’s fair share of controversy. The trailer caused a huge stir when it was first released. Although the cast and creators insisted people would think differently once it aired, Insatiable has failed to do anything but enrage audiences further.

As we here at Missy believe in an impartial approach, we sat down to watch Insatiable with an open mind.  But sadly, no matter how much we love Debbie Ryan, we couldn’t get on board with this disaster of a production. So, we have put together the 5 things we think are wrong with Netflix’s new show, Insatiable!


1. “Skinny Is Magic”…

When we heard these words uttered from the mouth of the protagonist Patty (Ryan), our jaws dropped! Did someone really think it was wise to put those words in a script in 2018?! We know so much about eating disorders and triggers in this day and age, that there really is no excuse for thinking it funny, satirical (or any other writing device you can think of) to allow that line to be uttered even once. So the fact that it’s said several times throughout the 12 episodes of Insatiable is shocking!


2. Guns Are Used As Comic Relief

Now, unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past while, you will know the US has had an issue with gun violence and school shootings for a very long time. As of June, there were 154 mass shootings in America in 2018 alone. So why the creators of this show thought it would be a great bit of comic relief to pop a gun into Insatiable (and in the hands of its ditziest character we might add), is really beyond comprehension.

3. Feminism Takes A Backseat

The show centres around a lot of female characters, and whilst you may be thinking isn’t it great that there’s a show representing female characters on screen, think again. The tropes used in this show kick feminism right where it hurts… A particular example that resonated strongly with this us is, “turns out you can’t have it all.” These words are uttered my Magnolia as her mother is shown to be torn between her work life and her home life. In an age where women are standing up for equality in the workplace and proving they can balance work and children etc. it’s a real setback for young women to be given the impression that this is false, and essentially can’t be aspired to.

Now we’re not saying young women are going to live their lives based around Insatiable, but the creators could’ve shown that yes, women in fact can “have it all”. Your Mam’s probably doing it right now!

5 Things Wrong With Netflix's New Show, Insatiable!

4. Making Light Of Sexual Harassment/Assault

You may have noticed a recurring theme here, Insatiable is full of elements that make you want to shout at your screen “but why?!?!?”. The show making light of sexual assault and harassment was one of those moments for us. Again, in a time when issues around sexual assault are being brought to the forefront of our society, you would think creators would highlight this rather than use it for a cheap laugh. Bob, lawyer/pageant coach, is accused of “touching” a young a girl inappropriately by her stage mom when she fails to win a pageant. Not only is this false accusation of a serious crime treated casually, a storyline of statutory rape is also handled in a nonchalant manner.

And Finally…

5. It’s Just A Bit Boring…

Overall, the story is very slow to progress, and when it does it’s just a bit boring if we’re being honest. Usually Netflix produces shows that have us binging for days on end, sadly Insatiable failed to do so. It felt like a chore to watch. The lack of character development, and story arc really left this show lacking.

Did you watch Insatiable? What were your thoughts?

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5 Minutes With…Lucy And Lydia Connell

Find The Girl Book

We are HUGE fans of Lucy And Lydia Connell here at Not only are we obsessed with the twins Instagram feeds, but they are also our fav on YouTube! And now the girls have added a book to their ever grown empire. Jessie nabbed the girls to chat about their new novel, Find The Girl.


What inspired the story for Find The Girl?

We’ve always wanted to write about what it is like to be a twin, and how special the twin bond is. We felt that writing a fiction book, we could be so creative with the story and we love how the twins find not only themselves but each other in the story. 


Are the characters of Nina and Nancy based on you guys? Do you share any similar traits? 

Nina and Nancy are not us, but we feel that when our readers read our story, they will definitely see us in Nina and Nancy and in their personalities! Nina and Nancy are polar opposites, whereas we are exactly the same! We could literally be the same person, so it was really interesting to explore their differences and develop their characters!


Who’s your favourite character in the book and why?

Lydia’s favourite character would be Nancy. Lydia feels like she relates more to Nancy’s personality, and Lucy loves Nina’s character because of her love for photography and the way Nina prefers to live life in the moment!

Were you influenced by any particular books that you read as teens?

We loveeeee reading, and Lucy was never seen without a book in her hand when she was younger! We were absolutely obsessed with Jaqueline Wilson books and we loved the Mary-Kate and Ashley books too!


5 Minutes With...Lucy And Lydia Connell

Find the Girl by Lucy and Lydia Connell


Did you enjoy the writing experience?

We loved the writing experience as we felt like we could be super creative. As there were two of us, we had so many creative ideas for the storyline and each chapter switches between Nina and Nancy, so you can really get an insight into how each twin is feeling in the different situations that take place in the book. We collaborated with Katy Birchall as we loved her writing style and she really loved our story. We feel like the perfect dream team.

Are you planning any other books?

We loved the whole process so to have the chance to continue this story would be incredible! We are so obsessed with the story and would love the opportunity to explore these characters more! Keep your eyes peeled!

What advice would you give our readers who hope to become authors some day?

We feel that you should write about topics that you have a real passion about and be true to yourself in your writing style, so people love your writing based on you, as you’re the only person who can bring your personality across.

Find the Girl by Lucy and Lydia Connell is published by Puffin, priced €14.99

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How To Rock Dr. Martens This Autumn/Winter Season!


Dr. Martens look like they are set to become this Autumn/Winter’s must have footwear! We here at Missy love the different ways you can style Dr. Martens. Dress them up with a cute tea dress, or pair with a skirt and jumper for a casual look! Dr. Martens look great with tights, so you can wear them long into the depths of winter!

We’ve put together some looks we’d pair our Dr. Martens with! Check them out below and let us know how you’d rock Dr. Martens!

Cute & Casual

Who doesn’t love a good oversize jumper? We love this pink number from Pretty Little Thing. We paired it with a cute denim button up, and of course a classic pair of Dr Martens.

If oversize jumpers aren’t your thing, try a blue denim button up with this super cute and bang on trend crop jumper also from PLT!


How To Rock Dr. Martens This Autumn/Winter Season!

Dress ‘Em Up!

Dr. Martens are such a diverse piece of footwear. You can pair them with almost anything and they’ll look fab! Coming into Autumn/Winter we recommend these awesome transitional pieces to pair with your Docs! Wearing a dress with your Dr. Martens is a great way to jazz things up if you’re feeling extra girly!

Firstly, this Boohoo floral tea dress is great for the colder summer days with its long sleeves. Pair it with a baker boy hat on those chillier days, as well as some black tights!

Nail 2 huge fall trends with this leopard print dress. We love this Boohoo one! It will look fab with bare legs and a pair of Docs in the last of the summer days. Add this cute borg collar jacket in Winter (another trend nailed, yay!).

How To Rock Dr. Martens This Autumn/Winter Season!

We realise not everyone might have the budget for a pair of Docs, keep an eye in Penney’s & New Look for amazing quality dupes!