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How To Organise Your School Bag & Locker

How To Organise Your School Bag & Locker

Jessie Bennett

Organisation is key when it comes to your schoolbag and locker. The easier it is to find your things, the less stress you’ll encounter throughout the day. There’s nothing worse than having to rummage for something at the bottom of your bag in the middle of class. Or spend half your break with your head in your locker routing for a missing copy.

Here’s how to organise your school bag & locker…

School Bag Organisers

The most obvious way to keep your school bag organised? A school bag organiser! These are super handy for keeping all your bits and pieces together in your bag. This school bag organiser from Amazon is great as it has lots of different compartments, and inserts straight into your bag. It comes in a wide range of colours, and is a great price!

Pencil Case Organisers

I was the worst for rummaging in my pencil case for certain bits and bobs throughout class. The chaos of only one pouch to store everything in would usually result in the contents of the pencil case being emptied on to my desk to locate one a pencil sharpener. That’s why a pencil case that allows you to store things neatly is a great option to have in your school bag. This one from Amazon is super cute, and lets you organise everything neatly.

Lunch Bags

Lunch bags are a life saver when it comes to saving space in your school bag. They also mean any potential spillages don’t end up destroying your books. A cooling lunch bag, like this one, allows you to keep your lunch fresh all day. Lunchboxes with compartments are also great for packing your lunch all together, and saving space.

Locker Organiser

Lockers are a life saver, giving us the ability to store our (heavy) books safely, saving our backs from a lifetime of pain. However, they often don’t contain shelves, so we end up stacking books, throwing loose papers and folder in around the stacked books, swiftly closing the door and hoping it doesn’t all fall out when we open it again. These locker dividers are super helpful when it comes to making enough room for all of your bits and bobs. Depending on the size of your locker, a locker divider can really help you utilise the space.

Locker Storage

Now that you’ve made the most of your space, how do you use it to the best of your ability? Magnetised small storage baskets are super helpful for keeping extra pens and pencils in. Or art supplies for art classes.

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Locker Accessories

Your locker is yours for a full school year, so why not accessorise it to make you more organised in life? A magnetic dry erase board or calendar is a super helpful way to keep on top of things. Magnetic mirrors are also a great idea to hang in your locker. Magnetic lights to stick to the inside can really help when you’re rummaging (although you won’t have to if you follow these tips.)
This organisation set from Amazon includes pretty much everything we’ve mentioned for lockers, and comes in pink and blue!

How do you organise your school bag and locker?

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