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Things You Worry About That You Need To Stop Worrying About

Things You Worry About That You Need To Stop Worrying About

Alannah Murray

As a teen, worries seem to be the forefront of our minds.

We all have that small voice in the back of our heads. For the most part they are good voices, they tell us to study, to get up, to not text your ex. But sometimes the voices can go too far, turning helpful thoughts into worries which makes you overthink and panic.

So, here are some of the worries that you may have had and that you need to say “shut-up” to.

Worry: I should have your life sorted.

Answer: There is no such thing. A sorted life is merely a myth. Your goal shouldn’t be a “perfect life”, it should be to be happy. Once that is accomplished assume your life has been sorted. Also letting in on a secret, no one ever fully sorts out their life, they just act like they do.

Worry: I don’t look as good as that.

Answer: Listen, there will always be someone whose looks you envy, someone smarter; with a better this or a better that, but they will never be you. By the way there is someone thinking the same thing about you. Stop comparing now or you’ll go on to spend a whole life like that. We all have 46 different chromosomes.

Worry: I don’t have enough money.

Answer: For now. Money is always a for now thing. It’ll be there and then it’ll be gone. The best thing to do with this worry is to save as well as you can while still spending on the things that you need. Don’t get caught up in an obsession with money and having everything right now because it’ll take you over.

Worry: I didn’t get invited.

Answer: Not getting invited to things can hurt, but before jumping to conclusions, they could’ve made a mistake, planned last min, or you are just having a bad case of FOMO. And if it’s still none of the above; shake it off, it’s their loss.

Worry: I’m stressed.

Answer: You are overthinking which is only making it worse. Slow it down. Feet flat on the ground and take some deep breaths and put everything into perspective. Get a cup of tea and listen to your favourite song, then knuckle down and fix what is stressing you out.

Worry: I’m not in a relationship.

Answer: The funny thing about this is that a relationship will come when you’re not looking. Also if you are worried about it, you may end up settling for someone not exactly right for you, so try not to worry. Remember if it’s meant to be it’ll be.

Worry: I don’t like my body.

Answer: First of all, you are fine as hell. Secondly, you should try not to compare yourself to some very filtered insta pictures as they are not real life. Remember self- love doesn’t come overnight. Work on loving yourself a little bit more every day and eventually you’ll be able to repeat the first sentence of this to yourself.

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Worry: I’m not doing enough.

Answer: Once you have had this thought, it means that you ARE doing enough. We mostly think this when we are burnt out, but still working. Remember your best is enough. Always.

Worry: I am not smart enough.

Answer: Being smart is a subjective term. Smartness can come in lots of different forms and just because someone else has a higher grade or gets better scores does not mean you are not smart. Intelligence can be found in all aspects of life.

Worry: I am not happy.

Answer: It’s okay not to be. Let yourself not be. Let yourself feel the sadness to the full, so you can remember what the happiness feels like. And then figure out what is going to start making you feel better so you can work towards it.

Life brings lots of struggles, worries and bouts of unhappiness, it’s how you deal with it that makes you.
If you feel like you are struggling please reach out to someone who you trust for a chat. If you’re not sure who to talk to there are lots of helplines available. It shows great courage to talk.

As a teen, what worries do you deal with? Let us know over on our Instagram page.

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