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6 Instagram Accounts To Add Some Reality to your Feed

6 Instagram Accounts To Add Some Reality to your Feed

Sophie Coffey
6 Instagram Accounts To Add Some Reality to your Feed

Social media is a fantastic place, but I find that sometimes the overload of apparent perfection and glamour can be a bit much.

It’s hard not to feel slightly demoralised when you scroll through your Instagram feed and find yourself bombarded by image after image of perfectly posed and edited pictures, depicting certain societal values such as body types and lifestyles.

So, if you’re finding that your Instagram feed is a little bit too filtered, then here are six Instagram accounts worth the follow for a good dose of reality…


Who better than to start this list off with than Chessie King whose bio quite literally explains itself as “Breaking up your perfect feed.” Chrissie champions bodies that are not viewed as “picture perfect” and posts encouraging messages about body shaming. Showing side by side images of posts deemed suitable for posting and those not, Chessie highlights the importance of remembering that Instagram and reality can be very different.


Michelle Elman is a body confidence coach and a body positive activist who has had fifteen surgeries in her lifetime. She uses her Instagram account to reach out to her 153K followers to encourage others not to hide their scars and to be confident in their own skin regardless of how scarred it may be. Michelle also likes to share plenty of make-up free photos on her social media and her captions often focus on self love and acceptance.


Stephanie Yeboah is a plus size blogger and body confidence advocate. Her Instagram feed features her gorgeous style posts and it also offers some beauty tips and skincare advice too. There’s also an important focus on mental health and the impact of body confidence.


Em Ford created My Pale Skin Blog shortly before she started suffering from severe adult acne. When her acne began to develop, hateful social media commenters left horrible messages on her blog prompting her to build up a skin positivity movement. Her Instagram feed focuses on skin positivity and fighting back against social media trolls. Definitly take some time to watch her YouTube video “You Look Disgusting“, which went viral in 2015 and has had over 31 million views.


Karina Irby’s main account boasts 1 million followers but her raw account offers the perfect dose of reality to some of her snaps. Karina posts images of herself that are sometimes seen as too unflattering to post due to awkward angles or lights as she aims to show the less glamorous side of social media. 

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What better way to feel better about a seemingly endless array of glamorous and posed photos than to watch the wonderful Celeste Barber offer a far more realistic version? Whether its mimicking Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber, Celeste’s hilarious parodies are the perfect thing guaranteed to brighten up your Instagram scroll and add a bit of reality.

Which Instagram accounts do you like to follow for a good dose of reality?

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