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Why are we all so obsessed with Olivia Rodrigo?

Why are we all so obsessed with Olivia Rodrigo?

Caoimhe Mahon

Good 4 You ‘, ‘Driver’s License’ and ‘Deja Vu’ sound familiar? Of course they do. They are the soundtrack to our summer from none other than American actress and singer Olivia Rodrigo.

From TikTok dances to chart toppers Olivia’s music is everywhere and for good reason. The punchy instrumentals, epic music videos and relatable lyrics have earned Rodrigo a place in all our streams and soundtracks.

In fact, she broke Spotify’s record for daily streams not once but twice. In just one week on Spotify her music was streamed 80 million times. These figures are mind blowing and even more remarkable when we consider that Olivia is just eighteen years old.

Her music has earned her number ones in a number of countries including right here in Ireland where she held three out of the top five positions in the Irish music charts.

Her music success, popularity and the love people have for her at such a young age could be comparable to the impact that The Beatles had on their generation.

Why Do We Have Rodrigo Fever?

Not only are her songs great for belting out in the shower or dancing around the kitchen but her lyrics talk of love, lies, relationships and rejection. Therefore, I am sure you can agree that in one shape or form we can all relate to at least some of her lyrics. We could even say that her lyrics act to voice the hardships of our generation especially in the world of dating, which seems so far removed from that of our parents.

Whilst we all may be fangirling over Olivia Rodrigo it appears Rodrigo herself is fangirling over none other than pop superstar Taylor Swift deeming herself a devoted ‘Swiftie.’ In the past Taylor Swift has been subject to scrutiny and judgements about her own personal life, music and relationships. The fact that Olivia Rodrigo is now employing the same tool of honesty in her music about relationships shows just how inspired she is by Taylor Swift.

Are Olivia and Taylor changing our mindsets with their honesty in music about love and loss by educating our generation on the importance of not being ashamed or blaming ourselves, telling us it is okay to feel and therefore, allowing us to accept things? If this is the case then Olivia once more is acting as a positive role model for our generation by becoming the voice we need to embrace rather than shame for something we all go through.

So, the next time you are singing along to one of Olivia’s many hits, which I am sure will happen at some point today, think about the power of music and the artist behind the superficial gloss of a great pop song.

Olivia represents an earthy rawness which is bold, vibrant and unapologetic in her music. She inspires us to do the same and not to feel the need to wear a mask because of how society tells us to feel.

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Olivia is breaking down barriers for young women one huge hit at a time earning her not only spots in the top of the charts but also in our hearts.

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